Christmas Gift Guide 2016: Grooming Essentials
— Updated on 11 January 2022

Christmas Gift Guide 2016: Grooming Essentials

— Updated on 11 January 2022
Boss Hunting
Boss Hunting

With Christmas fast approaching we’re putting together a few Christmas gift guides to help you buy for just about any man (and we’re even putting one together for the girls too). Of course, we realise that you will probably want most of the stuff on here for yourself; if this is the case, then we recommend subtly posting these gift guides on the wall of whoever you think might like you enough to put something under you tree come the 25th.

For our first Christmas gift guide of 2016, we’re focusing on grooming products (because who doesn’t like to look awesome). Here’s five grooming gifts any boss would be happy to own.

Solid State For Men Cologne – $39.95

Drastic differentiation in the fragrance world is hard to come by, but the guys from Sydney based Solid State For Men are doing just that with their line of wax based fragrances which you dab onto your pressure points and behind the wrist. Their scents come in come in pint sized tins perfect for the man on the go. Now with six flavours in their range (we’ve tried all of them and love the Wayfarer in particular), Solid State have a scent for every man.

Captain Fawcett’s – Jimmy Niggles’ Million Dollar Beard Oil – $73.95

For guys with a beard you can’t go past Captain Fawcett’s Jimmy Niggles’ Million Dollar Beard Oil (it’s quite a beardful). Captain Fawcett has collaborated with Jimmy Niggles Esq to create this special formula crafted with fresh oceanic scents and earthy resinous notes and topped with an enchanting floral citrus. We’re also big fans of the bottle which is filled with flakes of 23 carat gold.

Proceeds from every bottle of Million Dollar Beard Oil will be used with responsible efficiency to spread awareness & action in the fight against melanoma in conjunction with Beard Season – a global movement turning beards into life saving conversation starters.

Evo Shaving Bag – $63.90

“Give your hair that fresh from the beach malleability with a look of natural creation; be wind blown; be interesting; be the urban fisherman…you salty dog, you.”

This is just one of the quirky descriptions found on the side of Evo bottles and tubs. Not only have they managed to make shampoo and conditioner interesting and fun, Evo are also all about saving ordinary humans from themselves – meaning all their products are sulphate, paraben, dea, tea and propylene glycol free. Evo have a lot of cool products, but one of our faves is their “Do you even gift bro” shaving bag. It is a great spin on the ol’ faithful toiletry bag present and contains��1 x überwurst shaving creme, 1 x box o’ bollox texture paste and of course you get the bag as well.

Uppercut Deluxe Travel Kit – $75

All the style essentials for the road covered in this limited edition travel sized pack from Uppercut Deluxe. What’s more you can fit all of it in your back pocket! The Travel Kit includes a Mini Tin of each of Uppercut’s 4 signature hair styling products, a handy flick-comb, a key chain and a genuine leather card wallet. We all know somebody who does their hair even when they go camping – this is the one for them.

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Eau de Toilette 90ml – $125

Tried and tested in the BH office, Gucci Guilty is our favourite scent of this season. Inspired by the world famous Japanese onsen, or hot springs, Guilty EAU creates a contrasting aromatic blend of lemon and bergamot top notes bringing a contemporary infusion to the orange blossom signature of the original scent and creating a masculine sensuality differentiating it from its predecessor. Well worth a shout if you want your man smelling the goods.

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