Le Domaine: Brad Pitt’s Skincare Brand Powered By Plonk
A documentary on Brad Pitt is coming to Binge in November 2022.
— 26 September 2022

Le Domaine: Brad Pitt’s Skincare Brand Powered By Plonk

— 26 September 2022
Randy Lai
Randy Lai

Following a multi-year stint as the living, breathing embodiment of iconic luxury brands like Breitling, actor, activist, and all-round renaissance man Brad Pitt is going to town on the One Percent’s epidermis with Le Domaine – a high-end skincare brand that leverages his longstanding partnership with the Perrin clan, winemakers of Château de Beaucastel.

Le Domaine’s unique selling point is its application of GSM10: a patented molecule derived from fruit produced by the Perrins. It’s also an oblique reference to the Grenache-Syrah-Mourvèdre blend for which Beaucastel, along with a handful of other estates in Provence, are famous.

But the pithily named active ingredient goes beyond mere marketing puff. Alongside Le Domaine co-founder Marc Perrin, Pitt commissioned researchers from the University of Bordeaux’s Institute of Vine and Wine Science to tweak the exact formula of GSM10 so that its polyphenols would prove particularly adept at fighting oxidative stress on a cellular level.

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Le Domaine

The vinous theme continues with Le Domaine’s other major innovation (another patented ingredient designated ProGR3). Consisting of chamomile extract, green tea, and the tendrils of grapevines, it was born out of research conducted by French geneticist Dr Nicolas Lévy.

In the course of his work treating children diagnosed with progeria – a rare disorder that causes young children to age prematurely – Lévy discovered that the toxic protein, progerin, is also present in numerous adults – in whom its effects are still present, if significantly less fatal. In response, Le Domaine came up with ProGR3: the corrective foil to GSM10 that reduces progerin’s toxicity while correcting blemishes associated with natural ageing.

Both ingredients are present in all of Le Domaine’s skincare range – except the “cleansing emulsion: – with the hero product (in price and projected effectiveness) most definitely being The Serum. At €350 (AU$519), this is hardly the do-all facial fuel you’ll find at your local drugstore, but Pitt is confident in the product’s underlying science.

“I’ve been using this for the past year,” Brad Pitt said in an interview with Robb Report.

“I wouldn’t have brought it to market if I didn’t see a difference.”

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