Morris Motley: Is This Melbourne’s Best Barber?
— Updated on 15 June 2021

Morris Motley: Is This Melbourne’s Best Barber?

— Updated on 15 June 2021
Joshua Bozin
Joshua Bozin

It is a known fact that men’s grooming and the way we present ourselves has made a tremendous resurgence in the past few years.

Take us back to the golden days where gents were greeted with a glass of scotch on their weekly visit to their local barber for that touch-up or shave, whilst having a good ol’ yarn with Tom, Dick & Harry.

Melbourne has seen these services recreated, with a modern twist (your barber will most likely resemble a character off ‘Sons of Anarchy’ rather than that little old Italian man from Milano). Barber shops are popping up left, right and centre, providing us with services that are reminiscent of days gone by; men’s grooming is booming!

But amongst the hype and novelty of these barber shops is Morris Motley. A bespoke barber studio in Melbourne, Australia.

Headed by legendary barber Rob Mason, a visit to Morris Motley will not only provide you with a truly unique and ‘different’ experience than anything you’ve ever had, but you will come out feeling fresh, confident and somewhat special.

But how is this experience different from any other Barber shop, you say? Well, first and foremost, Morris Motley is a premium men’s hair cutting studio but it also is a haircare brand.

Rob is a genius with the scissors. He has a precision of cutting that is unparalleled and an eye for creativity. He is driven by precision, by angles, by facial anatomy. An appointment at Morris Motley will see Rob or his creative right-hand man, Ryan, consult with the client for 20 minutes, assessing and analysing facial structures of their clients in working towards what cut would best work for them, as every client is different. It is a misconception that every man can have the same cut. Sometimes it just won’t work.

Following the consultation, your hair will be cleansed using Rob’s premium in-house Treatment Cleansing Oil (a world-first), followed by your personalised, non-generic hair cut which will be styled using a Treatment Styling Balm, another of Rob’s in-house products.

Over the past 10 years, Rob has honed his skills in facial analysis and explored new and classic barbering techniques. Having also studied in Haircare Science and worked with renowned Australian Cosmetic Chemist Richard Parker, Rob has created a truly unique and versatile Treatment Styling Balm and Treatment Cleansing Oil, a world-first in men’s grooming.

Developed to work in synergy, both formulas actually help to treat and protect the hair and scalp, with only premium ingredients used that treat, cleanse and prepare men’s hair. Created to combat the amount of bad haircare products available on the market that do more harm than good, it is Rob and his team’s aim to educate customers and provide men with premium products to add to their day-to-day regime in grooming.

Having visited Morris Motley myself, I can assure readers it is well worth the visit. And notably, it has the Nick Wooster tick of approval, seeing the sartorial legend visit Rob for a cut when he was last in Oz.

Morris Motley take appointments only and is located in Richmond, Melbourne. For more information on the brand and their haircare products, head to

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