Retro Hype Is Strong With The Reinvented ASICS ’91 Gelsaga

ASICS have made the leap. Sure, they may be a little late to the party, but we rate a fashionably late entrance.

Such an entrance is a strong one, and one definitely worth the wait. The ASICSTIGER brand has staged its comeback to the hype scene with these reinvented retro kicks from the early 90’s.

In homage to the iconic Japanese gaming-inspired style of this era, the Gelsaga returns with the same spice that once sold over 1 million pairs, mashing it together with some refreshed cutting-edge tech.

The facelift has injected some slick GEL cushioning, compression moulded EVA midsoles and lightweight uppers, giving the Gelsaga a place at the big boy’s table among the like of NIKE and adidas when chasing down the perfect retro urban/runner hybrid. 

“We’re excited to be bringing one of the ASICSTIGER brand’s most iconic shoes back as part of our ‘WHAT THE GEL’ campaign which launched earlier this year,” said marking top dog Robin Karakash.

“We’ve stayed true to the original design of the GELSAGA model but have done what ASICS does best – elevating it with some of our best technology. We wanted to create a throwback collection but with a modern twist and I’m confident that we’ll appeal to the masses by tapping into the nostalgia for 90’s gaming.”

The Gelsaga is available in three retro colourways and are available here as of this month.