Birkenstock Is The Fastest Growing Resale Brand, According To StockX

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If you haven’t heard of StockX, it’s one of the largest platforms for trading anything from sneakers and watches, to handbags and clothing. In 2020 the platform facilitated more than 7.5 million trades, which gives them a lot of data on the hottest brands and categories of the moment. In the recently released half-yearly StockX Snapshot, it was revealed that Birkenstock is the fastest-growing resale brand on the marketplace.

StockX has seen significant growth as a platform since the start of the pandemic. Once billing themselves as the “Stock Market of Sneakers”, the platform offers an easy place to buy and sell authentic goods, which people looking to make a bit of extra cash have rushed towards. While the usual suspects like Nike, KAWS, and Yeezy perform well, there were a few surprises in their report.

Birkenstock saw 610% year-on-year growth in the Sneaker category, beating Louis Vuitton, who came in second with a 440% jump. Fascinatingly, Crocs took home bronze with a 430% increase in trading volumes, beating Alexander McQueen and Reebok.

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Brands in the Collectible category saw impressive growth too, with Kanye West products jumping 840% in the same year-on-year period. Daniel Arsham objects are hotter than ever with a 720% increase in trading, while Spalding rounding out the Top 3 at 410% growth. In an interview with Highsnobiety, StockX’s chief economist Jesse Einhorn explained some of these numbers.

“A few years ago, Crocs and Birkenstock were barely on StockX’s radar,” said Einhorn.

“Today, they’re surging on the secondary market thanks to product collabs with established brands like Kith and Stüssy, and artists like Post Malone, Justin Bieber, and Bad Bunny.”

Other interesting factoids included that more than 150,000 PlayStation 5 consoles had been sold on StockX, with the median number of PS5s sold by each seller being two. If you thought that hype traders exclusively dealt in Supreme and Air Jordan, think again. As it turns out, Birkenstock has a resale market and StockX is helping drive it forward.

You can check out the full StockX Snapshot below.

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