Step Up Your Leisure Game With These $480 Burberry Slides

burberry slides

To paraphrase Burberry themselves, while comfort is always key, a little style never hurt anyone. Such is the ethos of the latest Burberry slides unveiled in the new 2021 Spring/Summer collection, emblazoned with both the brand’s signature vintage check print and a promise to elevate your sartorial currency.

Open toe, slip-on style, with a flat rubber sole, the best designs are often the most simple ones, which has been the steadfast philosophy behind these Burberry slides (as well as every Burberry slide that has preceded its existence). As you can see, the upper showcases the iconic pattern with a matte sheen, in stark contrast to the remaining elements which are both textured and uniformly black.

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And just so there’s no mistaking this particular item of leisure wear for anything else – as well as to distinguish itself from any Asiatic replicas often foiled by a language barrier/typo – Burberry branding has been stamped along the side of the sole. Because if you wear Burberry and no one knows about it, did you really wear Burberry?

There’s not much else to say about the Burberry Vintage Check Slides, apart from the minor detail of price which will set you back $480 (import duties included).

Cop a pair for yourself below.

Step Up Your Leisure Game With These $480 Burberry Slides