Off The Cuff #6: Oliver Cabell’s Phoenix Summer Sneaker

Off The Cuff #6: Oliver Cabell’s Phoenix Summer Sneaker

Last month, independent footwear label Oliver Cabell made waves in the sustainable sneaker industry with the creation of their new 3D printed white kicks dubbed the ‘Phoenix‘.

After concluding a few months back that Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 White kicks were the best alternative to Common Projects, we were stoked to hear that the brand’s latest release are not only 3D printed, but they’re also made from recycled bottles and are 100% machine washable.

The folks at Oliver Cabell sent over a pair of the fresh summer kicks for us to try, so we unboxed them with some candid chat on our next episode of Off The Cuff. Check out a gallery of the new sneakers above for a closer look, then watch the video below over on the BH YouTube channel.


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