The Rare Casio G-Shock Full Metal Gold Just Got Rarer

Last year we were fortunate enough to get our hands on this captivating yet polarising Casio G-Shock Full Metal Gold. Casio’s G-Shock brand is usually synonymous with accessibility, wearability, and durability. So by offering a golden interpretation of the cult classic Casio Databank aka ‘Calculator Watch’ and DW-5000 G-Shock in 1983, Casio dared customers to just try something different with their beautiful contradiction.

Last year’s model received a full case, bezel, and bracelet – all in stunning stainless steel. The gold colour (although appealing) was artificial, and that’s why this year’s Full Metal 5000 is especially captivating; Casio has cast the entire piece in stupendously perfect 18k gold. Just look at that shine.

The rough estimation of around $70,000 USD calculates to about $100,000 AUD. This is by far and away Casio’s most expensive watch of all time, and the piece will undoubtedly turn heads, as it has yours. 

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