metal detector gold coin

Father Discovers $1.2 Million Gold Coin On First Day Of Trying New Metal Detector

The day you become a father is the day you – along with all your hobbies, interests, and so forth…

Step Aside Plebs, The 24K Gold PlayStation 5 Is Here

As if Sony‘s next-gen console wasn’t already going to be expensive enough, luxury tech customisers Truly Exquisite has just announced…

Rimowa’s Gold Attaché Case Is A Serious Boardroom Flex

This gold reimagining of Rimowa’s classic briefcase attaché is a serious level-up.

Caviar’s 18-Karat Gold $100,000 Apple AirPods

If you thought Caviar’s 18-karat gold iPhone 11 Pro was outrageous, then look away now.

Liverpool Players Received 24k Gold Plated Champions League iPhones

Modified by iDesign Gold, the 27 players, including manager Jurgen Klopp, each received the extravagant gift.

Victorinox Special Edition Gold Swiss Army Knives

A multi-tool is about as functional as gifts get, and these Alox Limited Edition Swiss Army Knives from Victorinox are as uniquely special as they are practical.

The Rare Casio G-Shock Full Metal Gold Just Got Rarer

Casting the watch in 18k gold and limiting production to just 35 pieces will do that.

Honda’s Best-Selling Roster Gets A Gold Spec For Its 50th Aussie Anniversary

Have you ever seen a gold lawnmower?

The $20,000 Gold PS4 Controller Is For The Geek Who Has Everything

Luxury tech designer Brikk has dropped a gold version of Sony‘s PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Controller.

Gold On Food Is The Pinnacle Of Dumb And Needs To Stop

Cut the shit. Gold on food is the dumbest of the dumb. It adds no value beyond the price tag, and is a waste of everyone’s resources.

These Gold R.M. Williams Are Perfect For Showing You’re A Smarmy Prick

Favoured brand of all-rounder bloke Barnaby Joyce, R.M. Williams, has just released these solid gold boots. Because why not.

Kayne West & John Legend Sing Gold Digger Before It Was Gold Digger

Kanye West performs Gold Digger, in 2003, back when it was titled ’18 Years’ with John Legend.