Casio G-Shock Releases Ice Cold Transparent Glacier Gold Collection

Casio G-Shock has recently thrown the curtains back to reveal a new ‘Glacier Gold’ collection complete with transparent design. Suffice it to say, this is some seriously frosty wrist ice, and just in time for this East Coast heat.

The collection will feature some classic G-Shock style with the opacity turned all the way down to a zero on the resin casing and bands. As you can see in the picture below, the casing and bands will be “anchored” by metallic gold cases. 

And there’s a good amount of options to choose from depending on where you lean with watch design. For the retro heads, there’s the rounded DW-5735E model or perhaps even the rectangular DW-5035E (left), both based on the ’85 DW-5400 and the ’83 DW-5000. For those who appreciate a bit of modernity in their accessories, there’s the GA735E and GA835E (right).

The Glacier Gold Collection is set to release in October at both select retailers and G-Shock’s online retail platform. The price point for this release will range from $190 USD to $220 USD. 

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