Floyd Mayweather’s $18 Million “Billionaire” Watch Is Hella Frosty

Floyd Mayweather’s $18 Million “Billionaire” Watch Is Hella Frosty

There’s not much you can’t buy when you’re one of the highest paid athletes in history. Maybe peace of mind, but I’d be pretty relaxed knowing there’s hundred of millions in the bank. Which is probably why Floyd “Money” Mayweather (no introduction necessary) has just shelled out your standard $18 million USD for a hella frosty Jacob & Co. diamond tourbillon watch. Once again proving what Floyd Mayweather wants, Floyd Mayweather gets. 

The undefeated boxer and retired world champion took to Instagram for a standard flex of the goods. And we must say, it’s certainly worthy of a post.

The “Billionaire” watch features 260 carats of emerald-cut diamonds, with the meticulously crafted inner workings being housed in a rectangular case and dial, its skeletonized movement equipped with a tourbillon escapement rendering it “… constantly in motion…” once placed on the wrist of a dozen knockouts. The 18-karat white gold case and bracelet is diamond-set with stones that are as much as three carats each. 

The timepiece was acquired from jeweller, Tadashi Fukushima, and is actually the only watch watch of its kind; having been created by the famed Jacob Arabo in collaboration with Flavio Briatore and his Billionaire Lifestyle SARL company. Singular, through and through. 

Well, I’ll just go ahead and say what everyone else is thinking. “Money” is well and truly in the name. 

Money” is well and truly in the name.