Grand Seiko Just Dropped Two Cutting-Edge Limited Editions Inspired By Nature

Grand Seiko SLGA007 SLGA008

Grand Seiko has continued its recent run of strong releases with the announcement of two new limited edition references inspired by nature. The Grand Seiko SLGA007 and SLGA008 feature dials influenced by the water and forest, respectively, but also comes complete with brand new movements that pack a serious technical punch.

First taking a look at the Grand Seiko SLGA007 “Minamo Lake Suwa”, and we have a carefully considered 40mm watch cased in stainless steel. The case is finished with a blend of brushed and polished surfaces, with a shape that throws back to the iconic 44GS cases from the brand.

Grand Seiko SLGA007 SLGA008

The real visual draw, as is the case with so many Grand Seiko pieces, is the deep blue dial that’s textured to remind you of the surface of a calm lake. Standing out against this rich, almost carved dial texture, are the razor-sharp hands and hour markers, with contrasting gold seconds hand and logo.

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In contrast, the Grand Seiko SLGA008 “Tree Ring” features the same tidily proportioned case, but in warm 18k rose gold. The dial is also key in this reference, executed in a colour carefully selected to complement the tone of the rose gold case, and featuring a pattern inspired by the burls of wood grain. It’s the second piece from the Japanese watchmaker to feature such a pattern, seen earlier this year in the Grand Seiko SLGH007 Hi-Beat “Tree Rings”.

Grand Seiko SLGA007 SLGA008

While both the Grand Seiko SLGA007 and SLGA008 make quite the visual statement, what’s inside the two new timepieces is what will really excite watch-lovers most. Both watches are powered by the new Grand Seiko Spring Drive calibre 9RA2, which not only boasts a five-day (120-hour) power reserve, but is also the thinnest Spring Drive calibre ever, allowing both watches to be just 11.8mm thick.

Nearly 1mm thinner than its predecessor, the 9RA2 is just 5mm thick and made possible by a complete redesign of the movement; which also makes it more reliable and shock-resistant. With a guaranteed accuracy of ±0.5 seconds per day (or ±10 seconds per month), you’ll never miss another meeting with the 9RA2 on your wrist.

03 GS Spring Drive

As a part of the redesign of the movement, Grand Seiko has also moved the power reserve indicator from the 7 o’clock position on the dial to the back of the watch. It’s a small change, but one that greatly improves the balance and proportion of the dial.

The Grand Seiko SLGA007 is $12,950 and is limited to 2021 pieces worldwide, available from December this year. The Grand Seiko SLGA008 in 18k rose gold is $73,000 and limited to just 140 pieces, with first deliveries scheduled for November.

SLGA007 dial
SLGA007 caseback
08 GS Spring Drive
09 GS Spring Drive