Let James Harden Take You Through His Impressive Collection Of Watches & Jewellery

For James Harden, on-court finesse translates into a healthy paycheck, and a healthy paycheck means one can sustain an admirable caliber of suave, off-court style. This isn’t a ludicrous line-up of dozens and dozens of rare swiss timepieces. This collection is small, but the man wears them all – and if you don’t wear a watch or piece of jewellery, then what’s the point in owning it?

Among the collection is a Rolex President Day-Date, his usual daily, along with assorted Cartier bracelets he received as gifts (how?!). One of his favourite pieces, he admits, is an AP his mum gave him. His other, iced-out AP is a close second, though he has no idea how many diamonds are on it.

Watch the video below, and check out Audemars Piguet’s Lavish New Swiss Alpine Hotel scheduled to open in two years time.