New Rolex Submariner Unveiled: 8 Fresh Faces For 2020
— Updated on 30 January 2023

New Rolex Submariner Unveiled: 8 Fresh Faces For 2020

— Updated on 30 January 2023
James Want
James Want

The most famous watch in the world has received a much-speculated update for 2020, alongside a handful of accompanying models to join the Rolex family. The new Rolex Submariner dive watch arrives in a slightly larger, redesigned, 41mm size case – up 1mm in diameter from its predecessor with slimmer, more tapered lugs. A 1mm wider oyster bracelet also debuts alongside updated movements for the Oyster Perpetual Submariner and Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date iterations.

New Submariner

Eight new Rolex Submariner watches will arrive for the first time in 8 years, in steel in the form of the classic black ‘no-date’ 124060, alongside a selection of iconic Submariner date models, starting with the classic black bezel and dial 126610LN. A revived Kermit with ceramic green bezel 126610LV follows alongside a two-tone blue and gold 126613LB, as well as two-tone black and gold 126613LN. Then ‘Smurf-esque’ white gold case with vibrant blue bezel 126619LB and two yellow gold models with blue dial and bezel (126618 LB) and black dial and bezel (126618LN).

The next generation watches will be powered by the calibre 3230 – launched this year – and calibre 3235 featuring approx 70 hours of power reserve, offering both time and date functions, and used in the Submariner range for the first time. Both movements incorporate the Chronergy escapement, patented by Rolex, which combines high energy efficiency with great dependability. Made of nickel-phosphorus, it is also insensitive to magnetic fields. 

See the eight new Submariner models with pricing below:

New Submariner No Date
Ref. 124060 ($11,400)
New Submariner Date
Ref. 126610LN ($12,900)
New Submariner Kermit
Ref. 126610LV ($13,450)
Ref. 126613LB ($20,200)
Ref. 126613LN ($20,200)
Ref. 126619LB ($55,950)
Ref. 126618LB ($52,150)
Ref. 126618LN ($52,150)

Prices on these versions have risen quite considerably – roughly $2000 – on the steel date models. Let’s hope we see some of the aftermarket silliness corrected. Rolex also released a new Datejust, 41mm Oyster Perpetual and Sky-Dweller on Oysterflex strap and clasp.

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