The Stenmarks Talk Productivity, Pressure, & Pace With Panerai

The Stenmarks Talk Productivity, Pressure, & Pace With Panerai

Nick Kenyon
Nick Kenyon


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From walking the runways of Milan to diving in the pristine reefs of Fiji, Jordan and Zac Stenmark live the kind of lives most of us can only dream about.

International models, born entrepreneurs, and tireless enthusiasts of everything life has to offer, we recently caught up with the duo to discuss their constant movements and the latest offerings from Italian-founded watchmaker Panerai.

Switching timezones as often as they switch roles, watches have long been essential kit for the Stenmarks, and both have become avid collectors. We were keen to discover where it all began. 

Jordan Stenmark wears the 45mm Platinumtech™ PAM01364 (left), while Zac Stenmark wears the 45mm Goldtech™ PAM01363 (right).

“For us, the love of watches came from our dad,” said Zac.

“He always had a keen interest in watches and owns some great pieces, including a fantastic Panerai Luminor GMT, so he’s been a big part of fostering our passion, and is a great inspiration for us.”

In addition to the modelling, the Sydney-born twins are also the founders of the blue-light-blocking eyewear company Dreamers. Unsurprisingly, the brothers are some of the busiest boys you’ll ever come across, splitting their time predominantly between Australia and the US, with plenty of other countries visited each year as they follow the fashion calendar. 

“It’s safe to say no week is ever really typical for us,” Jordan noted with a laugh.

“Obviously we spend a lot of time on the road, but we try and have three elements that make up every week.” 

“The first is a focus on our work — not only the modelling, but also our sleep eyewear company. The second part is finding some balance with family and friends, because travelling as much as we do, we try and get as much time with them as we can.”

He added: “The third aspect is a focus on our health, well-being and hobbies. It’s really important for us to go to the gym and have a really good routine of health, but also to do the things that we really enjoy, like spearfishing and surfing, or playing tennis and golf. The health side of things means plenty of ice baths on our balcony or enjoying a sauna session.”

Amidst the controlled chaos of their everyday lives, the Stenmarks’ work is about as far from a typical nine-till-five as you can get.

Their schedule of events is enough to justify an army of personal administrators, and throws a considerable spanner in the works for their demanding health routine — a testament to just how committed they are.

Zac Stenmark wears PAM01363, which is part of the Radiomir Annual Calendar collection and the first of its kind the Panerai has ever produced.

“We do tend to go to quite a few events, but for us, it’s less about boozing (and how we’re going to feel in the morning) and more about how we present ourselves at the top of our game — what we’re going to wear,” revealed Jordan.

“If it’s a suit and tie evening, accessories are an important part of the picture and watches play a big part, so the Panerai Radiomir Annual Calendar would make for a great option. If it’s a more casual event, something like a Panerai Submersible brings a sportier touch to an outfit.”

“We try not to wear the same outfits, but occasionally we’ll finish getting ready separately and see that we’re almost in an identical outfit. Just one of the dilemmas of being identical twins.”

As you’re probably already getting the impression, they’re both passionate watch lovers and have been since childhood.

While they’ve owned a number of different brands over the years, their enthusiasm for Panerai has been enduring — specifically the recently released Panerai Radiomir Annual Calendar that sets a new benchmark in terms of complexity for the brand. 

“One of the most fantastic things about watches is that they give guys a chance to express themselves, showing off a different part of their personality,” said Zac.

Jordan Stenmark wears PAM01364.

“Not only that, but watches can make a great investment, and an heirloom you can pass on to your children. There are so many great reasons to be a watch enthusiast, and our love of watches has only continued to grow over the years.”

Regarding the new Radiomir Annual Calendar — the first Panerai with an annual calendar function and one of the most complex watches the brand has ever made — it’s unlikely to be the first Panerai a collector owns. As an heirloom, however, it certainly qualifies.

Not only is it impressive enough to stand the test of time between generations, boasting 45mm cases hewn from either proprietary Platinumtech™ or Goldtech™, but it’s also infused with a contemporary classicism that means it can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion. 

Zac continued: “I think the Panerai Radiomir Annual Calendar fits really well in anyone’s life, but in our lives, it provides unrivalled versatility. It has such an elegant and timeless design that can be elevated alongside a dinner suit, but also serve as a formidable day-to-day piece as well.”

“That’s before mentioning the functionality of the annual calendar, which is executed so well here. We’ve always admired calendar functions but often they can appear cramped on the dial. Panerai has nailed it as far as balancing form and function — it’s simple but extremely sophisticated.”

When you consider the tension between the movement’s mechanical complexity and the uncompromising simplicity of its exterior design, the collection is a sight to behold. By combining these structural elements of design with the colourways Panerai has elected, the Radiomir Annual Calendar is elevated even further. 

Jordan Stenmark wears PAM01364, showcasing the day, date, and month as well as the time.

Despite being identical twins, the brothers have different ideas about which would be the best for their respective wrists.

“I think the gold case with the blue dial is stunning and such a classic combination, but I actually think the red with the platinum is incredible,” explained Zac.

“I think if we were both going to get one each, Jordan would probably go for the gold and the blue, while I would probably go for the red and platinum.”

What they both agree on is the features they both look for in a daily wearer. To spend a day in the life with the twins, robustness and endurance are both a must, with the ability to make timezone adjustments without thinking.

He added: “Interestingly, the feature Jordan and I often find ourselves discussing is the power reserve. If we’re talking about more complications, it’s hard to go past a GMT, given how much we travel, and water resistance is a must-have too — which is why I’ve got my eye on the Luminor BiTempo.”

Such a consistently packed schedule means enjoying their downtime is vital for the twins. It’s great to lock in a day of productive back-to-back meetings, but without a valve to let off some steam, the pressure and pace would get to anyone. 

“We do lots of activities when we’ve got downtime, whether that’s spearfishing, surfing, or golf,” said Jordan.

“But we also really enjoy diving down an interesting rabbit hole and learning as much as we can. Obviously, being as busy as we are, sleep is massively important — which is why we created our Dreamers Eyewear to help get the best night’s sleep possible.”

“Our Dreamer’s blue light and green light-blocking glasses have been going really well,” he continued.

“We’ve been working on that for about two years and we’re currently doing deals with hotel chains and sporting teams around the world, as well as health clinics. It’s also getting traction in the space and travel industries, so we’re really thrilled to have great partnerships already.”

“We’re always looking into how we can live healthier lives, so it’s a privilege to be working in a space that allows us to explore our own curiosities and interests. I hate the phrase ‘watch this space,’ but there’s something really cool that we’ll be launching in the next couple of months. So stay tuned for that.”

Panerai Annual Calendars are boutique exclusive, only available at Sydney King Street, Melbourne Collins Street and Chadstone Shopping Centre (please check boutique for availability) or

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