The ONLY Vintage White Gold Rolex Daytona Is  Going Up For Auction

If Rolex isn’t the most hyped Swiss watchmaker on Earth, we’re unsure who is. To perpetuate this never-ending snowball of hype, it has just been announced that a one of one, vintage White Gold Daytona is about to go up for sale.

The flagship item of an upcoming charity auction is believed to be the only of its kind ever made, with experts claiming it was a special order for one of the Swiss timekeeper’s most revered clients back in the 1970’s. The white gold Rolex Cosmograph Daytona reference 6265, was delivered to its customer in 1971 and is nicknamed ‘The Unicorn.’

This particular Daytona sports a black ‘sigma’ dial with white gold indexes and a matching bracelet, supposedly added by its current owner. The watch’s condition is considered to be quite good for a 48-year-old timepiece, though understandably, there are no other examples to compare it against.

The ‘Daytona Ultimatum’ by Geneva-based auction house Phillips, where the Rolex will be eventually sold, will go ahead in May of this year. Figures are expected to rise above 3 million Swiss Francs, that’s about 4 million Australian dollars.

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