WATCH: Ryan Gosling Stars In The Closest Film We’ll Get To ‘Drive 2’

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It’s no secret that Ryan Gosling is a fan of TAG Heuer, but the fact his partnership with the brand is the first watch deal he ever inked is proof there’s something special in the waters of La Chaux-de-Fonds. Gosling’s latest campaign with TAG Heuer is one of the coolest watch ads that’s been shot in decades, bringing some serious A-list swagger to the David Leitch-directed short. 

Tongue-in-cheek and more than happy to break a third wall or two, the campaign tracks real Gosling on a fictional set as the prop master attempts to make him return his Carrera chronograph. Mayhem ensues as Gosling channels his well-loved Driver character to keep the watch strapped to his wrist and escape, with plenty of classic Leitch visual effects that could just as easily belong in John Wick or Deadpool 2. 

The watch in question? Unsurprisingly, it’s one of the highlights of 2023 for TAG Heuer in the Carrera Chronograph “Glassbox”, which turns the heritage inspiration up to 11 with a heavily domed sapphire crystal over the dial. Unlike the previous archive inspiration watches within the Carrara collection, the Glassbox effectively eliminates the bezel by extending the sapphire over the dial all the way to the edge of the case, improving its legibility so you can read the time and chronograph from nearly any angle.

Despite the undeniable links between the history of the Carrera and some of the greatest motorsports events of the 20th century, there’s always room to innovate and improve and that’s exactly what the Carrera Glassbox delivers in 2023. It’s also arguably the perfect watch for an actor of Gosling’s pedigree in the realm of high-octane driving cinema. If I were Gosling, I wouldn’t be too keen on handing over my Carrera Glassbox to a rigorous prop master either. 

While it’s certainly the headline act, the Carrera Glassbox isn’t the only TAG Heuer we can spot. On the wrist of David Leitch is the unmistakable silhouette of another motor racing icon, the TAG Heuer Monaco, while prop master Tammy has her energy met with the new 36mm Carrera Date with a vibrant pink dial. The final timepiece you might just catch a glimpse of is on the wrist of the second film director, also wearing a Monaco but this time in the form of the blacked-out “Dark Lord” in titanium.

It’s cool to see the side fun of Gosling and even better that TAG Heuer is fully bringing its partnership with the star to life, with creative story-telling and the kind of product placement you actually enjoy watching. Now, we just have to wait and see what other projects this collaboration will fruit. 

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