Basquiat Tiffany Campaign

The Real Star Of Tiffany’s New Campaign Is Jean-Michel Basquiat

This week, Tiffany & Co. unveiled its latest campaign dubbed ‘About Love’, featuring none other than Jay-Z and Beyonce, alongside…

jay z blue ivy biggie crown

Did Jay-Z & Beyonce Purchase Biggie’s $700,000 Crown For Blue Ivy?

No one can deny the year Jay-Z has had so far, significantly upping his already unattainable wealth through ventures like…

Scientific Formula Confirms The World’s Most Beautiful Women

It was formulated by the Ancient Greeks, computers and a cosmetic surgeon.

BH Approved Drops Exclusive Kanye And Beyonce Artworks By Cliff Sandler

BH Approved presents their first collaboration with Sydney artist Cliff Sandler showcasing an exclusive collection of original and limited run artworks featuring Kanye and Beyonce.

‘Lion King’ Remake Casts Donald Glover & BeyoncĂ© As The Leads

The full casting for Disney’s CGI Lion King remake has just been announced, and everyone is freaking out at the pure potential…

Watch Jay-Z Call Out Chris Paul For Beating The Brooklyn Nets

After the game, Jay-Z, co-owner of the Nets had a bit of friendly banter with Chris Paul, calling him out for running the pick and roll over and over again.

Inside The Yacht Jay-Z & Beyonce Charter Every Year

The yacht, which estimates suggest cost around A$105m has a top speed of 28 knots (51km/h), making her pretty spritely for a 213ft floating palace.