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The Everest Raceday Crowd Raised To 10,000 Punters

Less than a week after increasing the state’s initial freedoms in light of reaching the 70% double-dose vaccination milestone, NSW…

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Only One Person Has Ever Landed A Helicopter On The Summit Of Everest

The Mount Everest summit club is becoming less and less exclusive each climbing season, with the tally of mountaineers achieving…

Doug Liman Everest Movie Ewan McGregor Mark Strong

Ewan McGregor & Mark Strong Will Climb The Impossible In Another ‘Everest’ Movie

The world has more movies, documentaries, and what have you about Mount Everest than we collectively know what to do…

National Geographic Release Insane Photos Of The World’s 13 Deadliest Peaks In Winter

Climbing Everest? Insane. Climbing it in winter? Absolutely bonkers.

The Everest In Numbers: Breaking Down The $ Behind The World’s Richest Turf Race

Over $13 million in prize money is up for grabs in this year’s Everest Race, with the winner netting a cool $6 Million.

How You’ll Have To Train If You Want To Summit Everest

Many have tried. Many have failed. Here’s how you can train to survive the Everest Summit.

Kilian Jornet Summits Everest In A Single 26 Hour Climb

Everest was the final piece of the puzzle in Kilian’s “Summits of My Life” project – to set records on the world’s most important mountains.

This ‘Everest’ Trailer Looks Epic

At the cruising altitude of a 747, your body starts to shut down.