Friday Sharpeners

Friday Sharpeners Ep. 11: The Party Boat Business With Johny De Keghel

This week we interview Hampton’s Sydney founder Johny De Keghel about what it takes to get a floating event space on the water.

‘Friday Sharpeners’ Ep. 10: Q&A With The Boys

An interactive episode with your comments, questions and feedback to mark 10 episodes of Friday Sharpeners.

‘Friday Sharpeners’ Ep. 9: Online Suiting with Indochino CEO Drew Green

In Episode 9 of ‘Friday Sharpeners’ we pick the brain of Drew Green, CEO of Indochino, an American online suiting company that has set the status quo of remote made-to-measure suiting since 2007

Friday Sharpeners Ep. 8: The Million Dollar Beard With Jimmy Niggles

Beard Season’s Jimmy Niggles joins us for a frothy, as we find out why and how the man is planning to sell his beard for $1,000,000.

Friday Sharpeners Ep. 7: Multi-Million Dollar Construction With Andrew Stenos

We also recap the busiest week of the year for the BH office and chat about what went down at the biggest Ferrari event ever done on Australian soil.

The BH Podcast ‘Friday Sharpeners’ Ep. 6: Linktree Founders Alex & Anthony Zaccaria

We also recount what might just be the greatest pickup story of all-time miraculously instigated by a NERF bullet through a window.

The BH Podcast ‘Friday Sharpeners’ Ep. 5: Meditation With Luke McLeod

There’s a hustle behind meditation you didn’t know about.

The BH Podcast ‘Friday Sharpeners’: Ep. 4 Men’s Style With Jeff Lack

Unpacking our 50 essential style tips.

BH Podcast ‘Friday Sharpeners’: Ep. 3 – Chatting Life, Instagram & Business With Natalie Roser

We chat about the recent changes to Instagram, Nat’s business ventures and what’s next for a successful all-rounder in such an erratic industry.

The Boss Hunting Podcast ‘Friday Sharpeners’: Ep.2 Personal Finance With Jimmy Trethewie

Monopoly money with Jimmys Paradise.