world record pub crawl 24 hours matt ellis

Bloke Attempts To Set New World Record With 24-Hour Pub Crawl

It may sound like a tired punchline about the end of NSW’s lockdown. But a man from Cambridgeshire by the…

Victoria Bitter Volley Sneakers Ultimate Shooey

Victoria Bitter & Volley Reunite For The Ultimate Summer Sesh Kicks 2.0

After two hellacious years, the promise of our country re-opening in earnest this summer – particularly here in NSW, where…

Fireball Whisky Keg FireKeg

Fireball Whisky Unleashes 5-Litre Keg To Delete Your Dignity

Are you a self-hating piece of shit who enjoys punishment? In search of a magnet-to-the-harddrive level memory wipe? Can you…

48 Hours In Vegas - Dennis Rodman 1998 Bender Movie

Dennis Rodman’s 1998 Las Vegas Bender Is Being Turned Into A Movie

Perhaps the most on-brand chapter of Dennis Rodman’s entire mythology is receiving the feature-length movie treatment with 48 Hours In…

James Harden Strip Clubs 2

Statistically, James Harden Performs Worse In Cities With Better Quality Strip Clubs

There are very few blokes on God’s green Earth who enjoy strip clubs as much as NBA star James Harden….

jack nicholson robin williams critics choice awards speech high

WATCH: Jack Nicholson Punches Too Many Cones & Needs Robin Williams To Save His Award Speech

Have you ever seen a man so comfortable with being baked on national television?

Oakley Kato with Prizm 24K lenses polished black frame

Oakley Drops The Final Boss Of Speed Dealers

Speed dealers mean one thing and one thing only: elite performance. Whether that refers to getting it done on the…


Pabst Blue Ribbon Unleashes A Monstrous 1,776-Beer Slab

A new challenge has been issued, Australia. The Yanks just couldn’t leave it alone. If the Pabst Blue Ribbon 99-pack…

196 Double Lemon strong zero australia

Attention Booze Hounds: Japan’s Strong Zero Is Coming To Australia

For the longest time, Japan’s Strong Zero existed very much in a “in you know, you know” kind of space…

Countries That Drink The Most Beer - Australia #17

Revealed: 15 Countries That Drink The Most Beer

Politics, religion, and sadly enough, race may divide. But I think we can all agree there’s nothing more satisfying than…

Apple Studios The Greatest Beer Run Ever Zac Efron Russell Crowe

Apple Is Making A Movie About ‘The Greatest Beer Run Ever’

Apple Studios is adapting the wildly true story, The Greatest Beer Run Ever: A Memoir of Friendship, Loyalty, & War…

Pongconnect beer pong table

PongConnect: The World’s Greatest Beer Pong Table

Gentlemen, I stand before you today having witnessed the future – and it looks mighty bright. Thanks to the innovative…