Canva Valuation Doubles Five Months Melanie Perkins

Canva Valuation Doubles In Just Five Months To $55 Billion

Less than six month ago, publications – including ours – were celebrating Aussie design software startup Canva for doubling its…

Nikolay Storonsky revolut valuation

Bored Investment Banker Turns His App Into $45 Billion-Dollar Company

Seven years ago, trained physicist turned investment banker Nikolay Storonsky decided enough was enough. Where many would’ve killed to trade…

The Most Crowdfunded Heater In The World Arrives Just In Time For Winter

Australia might be enjoying some of the most beautiful weather of the year right now, but as the sun drops…

How One Bloke’s Mistake Led To A $2.2 Billion Idea

Always handy when you stumble into billions.

6 Tech CEOs Who Could Be The Next Elon Musk

Worth keeping an eye on.

Melbourne Startup ‘Friend Theory’ Is On A Mission To Let You Travel The Globe For Free

The core concept behind ‘Friend Theory’ is simple. A free, online platform that connects you with your friends of friends by way of your existing social network.

Sydney Startup Tzukuri Unveils The World’s First Unlosable Sunnies

After more than two years of capital raising and extensive R&D, Tzukuri has unveiled the world’s first unlosable eyewear range.

Aussie Startup Audeara Sending Headphone Quality Into The Fkn Stratosphere

Audeara, an Aussie startup, launched their kickstarter campaign yesterday, hitting 120% of their $100k target in the first 24 hours.