mission impossible 7 stunt tom cruise

‘Mission: Impossible 7’ Will Feature Tom Cruise’s Single Most Dangerous Stunt Yet

At the centrepiece of every Mission: Impossible instalment is a death-defying spectacle personally undertaken by the man behind IMF agent…

tom cruise telluride colorado estate for sale

Tom Cruise’s Colorado Estate Is Selling For $50 Million

The Colorado estate purchased by Tom Cruise back in 1994 has hit the market for an eye-watering US$39.5 million (AU$51.1…

The Original Top Gun Bomber Jacket Is Hitting The Auction Block

Alright, fellas. Let’s try this one again. If you missed out on copping Maverick’s helmet from Top Gun earlier this…

Tom Cruise Is Actually Going To Space In 2021

Earlier this year, it was reported that Tom Cruise was in negotiations with Elon Musk and NASA to shoot his…

A Tom Cruise Space Movie Will Be Shot… In Space?

Tom Cruise is never one to shy away from an authentic stunt. Which is why we’re barely surprised that a…

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Is Now Releasing Two Days Earlier Than Planned

Almost unheard of.

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Is Pretty Damn Accurate (According To The US Navy)

Only the top 1% of naval aviators are accepted to the TOPGUN program.

Behind-The-Scenes Clip Shows Tom Cruise’s Stuntwork In ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

There’s no doubt about it, this is the real deal.

The Top Gun: Maverick Trailer Is Here And It Looks Awesome

Tom Cruise has floored San Diego Comic-Con attendees by unveiling the trailer for Top Gun: Maverick, the direct sequel to 1986’s Top Gun.

WATCH: Tom Cruise’s PSA Against Motion Smoothing

Motion smoothing is known technically as interpolation or colloquially as the “soap opera effect.”

Mission Impossible Launches Its Home Release In Classic Tom Cruise Style

An aerial roller coaster above the harbour city in a military-grade MD500E Black Ops chopper, weaving and darting above the city’s iconic landmarks on a pearler of a Spring day.

WATCH: Tom Cruise’s HALO Jump Proves ‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’ Is The Realest Action Movie Ever

The man just doesn’t quit while he’s ahead. Tom Cruise raises his own bar, perfecting one of the most complex action sequences ever orchestrated.