World Record

world record pub crawl 24 hours matt ellis

Bloke Attempts To Set New World Record With 24-Hour Pub Crawl

It may sound like a tired punchline about the end of NSW’s lockdown. But a man from Cambridgeshire by the…

Daniel Scali World Record Longest Plank Ever

Aussie Bloke Shatters World Record For Longest Plank Ever

Former US Marine George E. Hood – who set the Guinness World Record for longest plank ever last year (8…

Red Bull Plane Tunnel

WATCH: Red Bull Stunt Pilot Flies Plane Through A Tunnel

At the crack of dawn on September 4th of 2021, Red Bull stunt pilot – Dario Costa – entered the…

Aleksandr Sania Sorokin New World Record Running 309.4KM 24 Hours

Bloke Sets World Record After Running Almost 310 Kilometres In 24 Hours

Lithuanian athlete – Aleksandr “Sania” Sorokin – has inked a fresh entry within the annals of endurance history after breaking…

Mick McLoughlin Guinness World Record Most Golf Holes Played Single Week

Aussie Bloke Prepares To Break World Record For Most Golf Holes Played In A Week

Queensland native, businessman, and philanthropist Mick McLoughlin is standing at the edge of greatness as he prepares to tee off…

NFL Rob Gronkowski Guinness World Record 600-Foot Catch

NFL’s Rob Gronkowski Sets Guinness World Record With 600-Foot Catch

As if being a four-time Super Bowl champion and five-time Pro Bowl selection wasn’t enough, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Rob…

world record dog walking - ryan pomeroy

Aussie Bloke Ryan Pomeroy Breaks Dog Walking World Record

Gold Coast dog walker/whisper Ryan Pomeroy has broken the world record for walking the most pooches simultaneously by an individual…

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Former Marine Sets New World Record By Holding A Plank For Over 8 Hours

The previous record was set by Mao Wiedong in 2016 – with a duration of 8:01:00.

WATCH: Honda’s Insane Ride-On Lawnmower Hit 160 km/h In 6 seconds

Something slightly different for your Tuesday.

The World’s Longest Non-Stop Flight From Singapore To New York

A cool 15,000 kilometres in 19 hours

Aussie Bloke About To Conquer The Seven Summits In Record Time After Being Almost Paralysed

From “never walking again” to the summit of the world’s tallest mountains in four years.

Koenigsegg Smashes World’s Fastest Production Car Record Clocking 458km/h

The Swedish customer car has yet again rewritten history books on a closed 11-mile stretch of Las Vegas highway over the weekend.