The Lightning-Quick Rimac Nevera Electric Hypercar Just Set 23 World Speed Records
— 23 May 2023

The Lightning-Quick Rimac Nevera Electric Hypercar Just Set 23 World Speed Records

— 23 May 2023
Nick Kenyon
Nick Kenyon

Most auto enthusiasts knew the electric revolution would be quicker than its combustion-powered predecessor, but not many would have guessed just how fast. This week, the team at Rimac announced its Nevera electric hypercar has set no less than 23 new records during a single day of driving at the Automotive Testing Papenburg track, including a blistering sprint time of 1.74 seconds.

If you’ve not come across Rimac before, it’s a Croatian performance automotive brand (that also controls Bugatti) and the flagship Nevera boasts enough power to rearrange your insides – that is – 1813 horsepower and 1741 pound-feet of torque from four electric motors. The Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut I enjoyed the chance of seeing last year is fast, but with the help of third-party verifiers Dewesoft and Racelogic, Rimac has proven its Nevera is one of the fastest cars ever built and set nearly two dozen new speed records.

In addition to the 22 tests below, it also achieved a new shortest distance needed to stop from 100 km/h with Racelogic measuring 29.12 meters and Dewesoft recording 28.96 meters. The €2 million (AU$3.25 million) starting price tag of the Rimac Nevera hypercar isn’t cheap, but you’re getting a helluva lot of records for your money. Only 150 examples will be made, so we can only cross our fingers that one unit will arrive Down Under.

Rimac Nevera Hypercar records
TestsRacelogic (seconds)Dewesoft (seconds)
0-60 mph1.741.74
0-100 km/h1.821.81
0-200 km/h4.424.42
0-300 km/h9.239.22
0-400 km/h21.3221.31
100-200 km/h2.592.59
200-300 km/h4.814.79
200-250 km/h2.002.00
0-100-0 km/h4.033.99
0-200-0 km/h8.858.86
0-300-0 km/h15.6815.70
0-400-0 km/h29.9429.93
1/4 mile8.268.25
1/8 mile5.465.44
1/2 mile12.8212.83
Standing mile20.6220.59
0-100 mph3.233.21
0-120 mph4.194.19
0-130 mph4.744.75
0-250 mph21.8921.86
60-130 mph2.992.99
0-200 mph10.8610.86

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