The Airbnb For Billionaires, Where Accommodation Is $175,000 Per Week

Having ten figures in the bank account would definitely change how you lived. For one, you’d have ten figures in your bank account. Beyond that, the day to day you and I know would undoubtedly be scaled up in most, if not all, aspects. So it should come as no surprise that billionaires have their own Airbnb. An Airbnb with accommodation for rent as high as $175,000 USD per week. 

The name of this high-end holidaying company is Nota Bene Global, based out of London. And they have self-styled themselves as a “… luxury-travel…” and “… lifestyle management…” company. Bespoke experiences and holiday stays with nothing but the utmost quality is what awaits their clientele, as Nota Bene previews the not-so-humble abodes themselves before listing said abodes as potential pads for the leisurely billionaire. Or even millionaire for that matter.

“$10 to $20 USD million is the starting wealth [of our clients],” explains co-founder, Anthony Lassman. 

“Some of them I know are worth between $1.5 to $8 USD billion.

With pricey rentals in destinations like Italy and Greece costing between $87,155 to $174,349 USD per week, one would be more than entitled to wonder what exactly this buys… besides extravagance, of course. Privacy and relaxation in purest form (apparently). When they say bespoke, they really mean bespoke. As the remoteness and isolation of these villas would necessitate in order to truly achieve privacy, relaxation, and so forth at this level. 

“Nobody wants their money to be taken for granted… to feel you’re just billing them for huge sums of money without being able to justify it.”

Singular to the very finish. And below are just some more examples of that. 

Tuscan Villa: ~ $87,155 USD per week

Porto Cheli Villa: ~ $105,831 USD per week

Tremezzo Lakes Villa (near Lake Como): ~ $105,847 USD per week

Ithaca Vila: ~ $122,010 USD per week

Mykonos Villa: ~ $174,349 USD per week