Look Inside Airbus’ New ‘Day & Night’ First Class Suites

Look Inside Airbus’ New ‘Day & Night’ First Class Suites

The competition for the perfect Business Class seat has been fierce, so much so that it has been knocking on the doors of First Class with a rival value-for-money for some time now.

Singapore Airlines’ unbelievable First Class Suites of late last year seemed to finally reaffirm such boundaries, ahead of what we’re seeing today designed by Airbus’ Interiors Services.

This new, two-zone concept is for their A350 & A380 aircraft, which aims to replicate how flyers would experience their regular day at home.

For the “day” section, customers will enjoy an ergonomic swivel chair, a work table, a dining table and a large personal entertainment screen. There’s also a partition, similar to an adjoining room at any earth-bound hotel, to allow for suites to connect and accommodate a guest or partner.

The noise-insulated “night” space, however, is what has defined itself in the market, boasting a two-metre-long bed which Airbus has gloated is the first “real bed” in the sky.

“This novel configuration offers the passenger an exclusive travel experience, with two areas allowing to rest, work and entertain separately; and offering the opportunity to travel alone or with a partner,” say Airbus  

Suite delivery is expected between 18-24 months, with some say it might be in the skies as early as 2019, provided the airlines don’t impose significant change requests once purchased.