Coming Soon: Stay The Night At A Bunnings Hotel In Victoria

Picture it now. Friday afternoon. It’s been a long week. Time to get away for a few days. 

You look at your significant other – love of your life, light of your existence, sun to your moon – and gaze them deep in their eyes with a spark of romantic spontaneity that generally results in an eighteen-year commitment nine months down the track. And from your lips, you draw the Aussie hallelujah…

Piss take aside, this scenario will soon become a very real possibility in Doncaster, Victoria. Slated for a late 2021 opening, construction is already underway for the mid-tier luxury 183-room accommodation across six floors – all atop your typical warehouse store. 

Unofficially dubbed “BunningsBNB” (only by us), this will include a restaurant – not that any other cuisine aside from snags and onions will be necessary – gym, pool, as well as the usual facilities of your regular Bunnings. Playground, cafe, hardware to buy.

According to, this Bunnings store will cost over $90 million to build, with the Mercure-branded hotel clocking in around $70 million. Totalling up, over $160 million.

February 14th of 2022, sorted?

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