The Easiest & Hardest Countries To Move To Have Been Ranked
— 11 April 2023

The Easiest & Hardest Countries To Move To Have Been Ranked

— 11 April 2023

Relocating to a new country long-term is an often avoidable aspect of life that many will experience at some point or another. It can be simultaneously daunting, exciting, and confusing to pack everything you own and completely restart your life. And the difficulty also depends on exactly where you’re moving to.

With that in mind, the 2022 Internations survey asked 12,000 expats around the world to score their experiences overseas, then used that data to compile a ranked list of the easiest locations to move to based on the data collected.

Internations is an expat community group comprised of 4.5 million people in 420 cities around the world. The Internations survey asked its participants to score locations based on what it calls the “Expat Essentials Index” which takes into account four categories: digital life, housing, admin topics, and language.

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The “digital life” category scores the availability of online services, ease of attaining high-speed home internet, ability to pay without cash, as well as unrestricted access to online services (e.g. social media). “Housing” takes into account both the affordability and the ease of finding a home for expats.

“Admin Topics” reveal how difficult it is to deal with each country’s local bureaucracy, open a bank account, and ease of obtaining a visa. “Language” scores both the difficulty of learning the local language, as well as the difficulty of living in the country without speaking the language.

If you’re looking to book that one-way ticket then take note of just how much stress you’ve set yourself up for with this ranked list of the easiest (and hardest) countries to move to.

The Easiest Countries To Move To (2022 Results)

  1. Bahrain
  2. United Arab Emirates
  3. Singapore
  4. Estonia
  5. Oman
  6. Indonesia
  7. Saudi Arabia
  8. Qatar
  9. Kenya
  10. Canada
  11. Mexico
  12. Malaysia
  13. USA
  14. Spain
  15. Norway
  16. Australia
  17. United Kingdom
  18. Thailand
  19. Portugal
  20. Switzerland
  21. Finland
  22. Belgium
  23. Taiwan
  24. Russia
  25. Netherlands
  26. Sweden
  27. Poland
  28. South Africa
  29. Denmark
  30. Hungary
  31. Brazil
  32. Austria
  33. Philippines
  34. Cyprus
  35. Hong Kong
  36. Türkiye (Turkey)
  37. Egypt
  38. Luxembourg
  39. New Zealand
  40. India
  41. Ireland
  42. South Korea
  43. Malta
  44. France
  45. Czechia
  46. Vietnam
  47. Greece
  48. Italy
  49. Kuwait
  50. China
  51. Japan
  52. Germany

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