The Dog Who Flew From Hong Kong To Paris In Business Class
— 13 March 2023

The Dog Who Flew From Hong Kong To Paris In Business Class

— 13 March 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Four-year-old rescue dachshund Fifi has recently become the envy of every single dog and human with jet-setting ambitions after spending a comfortable 11-hour flight from Hong Kong to Paris in her very own Turkish Airlines business class seat.

Similar to her unofficial predecessor, retired greyhound Lewis, Fifi proved to be a very well-behaved passenger. Of course, there’d be nary a complaint sitting up front as opposed to being stowed away in the cargo hold with your fellow canines.

“I adopted Fifi when she was one year old. We believe this is her first flight and we decided to fly business and have Fifi in the cabin with me because I couldn’t deal with her being in the hold with the cargo,” owner Helen recently told Newsweek.

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“She’s my sidekick and I don’t like to be away from her. And she’s the same. At home – she will always follow me into the restroom and come into the bedroom for a morning cuddle. Fifi made everyone smile and when we left the airplane people were surprised to see her on the plane as she was quiet.”

Helen added: “Make sure your dog is comfortable being in the dog carrier and offer treats as a reward for spending time in the carrier. To prevent any accidents, feed your dog a few hours before the flight and limit their water intake. Make sure your dog has had plenty of exercise before arriving at the airport as some airlines don’t allow your pet to leave the carrier. Book a red-eye flight so your dog can get a full sleep.”

And just because there’s no such thing as too cute when you’re wealthy and indulgent, Helen also punched out a quick review of her overall experience via Instagram on behalf of dear Fifi.

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“I don’t recommend @turkishairlines when flying into America – see my Q&A highlights for more regarding @turkishairlines cancelling [our] reservation four times!” read the viral post’s caption; having now accrued well over 8 million views and 394,900 likes at the time of this writing.

“Pros – Hong Kong to Turkey: super dog-friendly staff on board, spacious business class seats, dog-friendly lounge in Istanbul. pet toilets at Istanbul airport, I only needed to put Fifi in her bag when I ate.”

“Cons – Hong Kong to Paris: unexpected fee at check-in, no dog-friendly lounges in Hong Kong.”

Maybe a dog’s life ain’t the worst thing…

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