Take The Scenic Route: The Longest 10 Flights In The World

Ever wonder what the longest aerospace hauls currently are? There are some out there that find enjoyment being up in the air and are sussing out the lengthiest routes. Others might be searching to avoid being involved with such time-consuming travel. In any case, here are the ten longest flights in the world currently available (according to OAG).

10. Dubai, UAE → Los Angeles (CA), US: 13,396 KM


9. Abu Dhabi, UAE → Los Angeles (CA), US: 13,478.256 KM

Etihad Airways

8. Atlanta (GA), US → Johannesburg, South Africa: 13,573 KM

Delta Air Lines

7. San Francisco → Singapore: 13,574 KM

United Airlines+Singapore Airlines

6. Dallas (TX), US → Sydney, Australia: 13,801 KM


5. Houston (TX), US → Sydney, Australia: 13,829 KM

United Airlines 

4. Los Angeles (CA), US → Singapore: 14,096 KM

United Airlines 

3. Auckland, New Zealand → Dubai, UAE: 14,194 KM


2. Perth, Australia → London, England: 14,498 KM


1. Auckland, New Zealand → Doha, Qatar: 14,525 KM

Qatar Airways