New AirDates App is Tinder for the Sky

Sick of regular, old fashioned, solo travel? Are you bored of turning up to the airport with only a fake smile and business upgrade-decline at check-in for company? Not anymore! With the upcoming release of in sky dating app, AirDates, you’ll be able to post your travel plans ahead of time in the hope of hooking up a little rendezvous before, during or even after your flight.

Positioned as the Tinder of flying, AirDates uses geo-location to let you pick up potential partners nearby or simply chat using Multipeer WiFi between devices. The app will have Facebook, Pinterest and Spotify integration too.

CEO Michael Richard thinks the inside of a plane is the “safest place to have a date.” Despite blocking capabilities and the fact you’re surrounded by other people, our verdict is still out on this.

While the release date might still be up in the air, let us know whether you think this idea could really take off.