NSW & Victorian Border Set To Re-Open On November 23rd

In light of the country’s recent progress with flattening the curve, Premier Gladys Berejiklian has just announced the NSW and Victorian border will officially be re-opening on November 23rd.

The decision – described by Berejiklian herself as a “calculated risk” – comes after extensive discussions with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Victorian Premier Dan Andrews, a well as the latest assessment based on NSW Health’s advice.

“They may have… actually gone down a path of having eliminated it at this point in time,” says Premier Berejiklian.

“Come a minute past midnight on November 23 – there will be free movement between NSW and Victoria.”

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“This is very good news, not just for those who live close to that border but indeed for all Victorians,” says Premier Andrews.

“But again… I would urge all Victorians: don’t be going to Sydney for Christmas unless you absolutely have to.”

According to multiple sources, the NSW and Victorian border re-opening date has been nominated to serve as something of a national “heads up”, notifying the entire country that they can begin to make summer holiday plans, reunite with family, and hopefully, stimulate the economy along the way via domestic travel. Within reason, of course.

“If you want a summer holiday, we have lots of opportunities [here in Victoria],” says Premier Andrews, adding to his caution about unnecessary pilgrimages to Sydney.

To make a long story very short… we’re back on, Australia.