The Ood Panorama Glass Lodge Is A Next-Level Winter Escape

While isolation might be the last thing some of you want post-2020, those who seek pleasure in self-imposed isolation have quite the offering to consider starting now – with the Ood Panorama Glass Lodges located in Iceland.

Here, guests are provided with the opportunity to sleep under both stars and midnight sun. A singular comfort probably not to be found in your part of the world. And in a pleasantly quaint Scandinavian glass cabin igloo, no less (described as “viking style with that little extra bit of luxury”).

Similar to a certain batch of glass cabins in New Zealand, this is about a fully immersive experience designed to connect mankind with nature. The clear facade alone, with a direct view of the scenery, is enough to make you pause, set the phone down, and let your mind wander as you contemplate our place in this universe.

Each cabin includes a large bed on a raised wooden platform underneath the transparent glass component of the dwelling, a fully kitted bathroom, fully kitted kitchenette, small living area, as well as an outdoor hot tub. Everything you need to sustain yourself, and perhaps one other person, throughout an escape to remember.

As for the subtly tasteful design, I’ll let you take it in for yourself in the gallery below. There’s no use in me trying to hamfistedly explain it when the beauty of it is right there.

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