The Qantas Double Status Credits Promo Is Back For 2021

Qantas Double Status Credits is back

From now until 11:59 PM EST on March 30th, the elusive Qantas Gold or Qantas Platinum frequent flyer status will be a little closer within reach. The airline has announced that they’re offering Qantas double status credits on all flights booked within the next few days, eligible for travel between March 31st, 2021 and February 28th, 2022.

However, you must register for the promotion prior to making bookings if you want those bonus status credits.

It’s typical for Qantas to offer two of these promotions per year, so this March 2021 Double Status Credits offer was somewhat expected. That being said, it’s unknown when exactly the next might be, and they often pop-up as a surprise, so travellers waiting to pull the trigger on some big upcoming trips should do so now. 

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As with all nice things, there are rules. Only domestic flights operated by Qantas and with a ‘QF’ flight number will be eligible, and ‘bonus’ Status Credits do not count towards your Loyalty Bonus, Platinum Bonus Reward, Platinum One Bonus Reward, any Status Accelerator or Challenge earn requirements. Flight vouchers purchased between now and March 30th will also only earn Double Status Credits only if they are redeemed in order to make a booking within the same period.

Those aren’t any caveats to be worried about, though. If you’re looking to travel domestically this year at all, across any fare type or travel class, then taking advantage of the deal now will save a heap of regret in the future. The only real downside is that this offer obviously doesn’t apply to international flights, at least right now, so you’re out of luck if you were hoping to make a more substantial grab at those precious status credits.

To take advantage of the Qantas double status credits deal, you’ll need your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership number ready. Then it’s just a matter of choosing where you want to hit in Australia between now and the end of February next year.