The Safari Nest Hotel With A Real Bird’s-Eye View

Away from the urban sprawl and monolithic skyscrapers is a hotel that answers only to the call of nature. Located in Laikipia, Kenya, high above the trees is the Nay Palad at Segera resort, where you can quite literally get a bird’s-eye view as it reaches new heights of luxury.

Designed and built with raw materials of branches and locally farmed wood, this hotel finds itself right in the middle of a flourishing ecosystem “… teeming with exotic wildlife…”. Rivers, plains, canopies, this region is known for it’s breathtaking scenery and sweeping panoramic views. And while the exterior blends right in with the surrounding environment, the interior comes with all the amenities one can expect from a luxury hotel, like a fully-functional indoor bathroom.

The experience also includes al fresco picnic-style dining at the top deck by a setting sun, complete with champagne and specialised cuisine. Meals are, of course, better under an African night’s sky. Breakfast is served often overlooking the elephants proceeding with their natural routines, as well as other wildlife. And when the outside world begins to lose its lustre, guests can retreat indoors to rest on the softest linens, while bathing in the warmth of hot water bottles heated only by solar power.

The extra-curriculars don’t stop there, as the options for excursions are virtually endless. Whether it’s a visit to the local communities, haggling at the markets, participating in philanthropic projects, or taking some time to focus on yourself with holistic treatment therapies, there’s more than enough to keep occupied away from the rat race.

The price of a night’s stay begins at $1,150 USD, and an unforgettable night at that.