Singapore Airlines To Open A Restaurant In Airbus A380

In these tough times informed by a global pandemic, the airline industry has been forced to adapt. Hard. Domestically, Qantas recently began offering flights to Antarctica and flights to “nowhere”. Elsewhere, British Airways auctioned millions of lounge art to stay afloat. In the coming weeks, Singapore Airlines will open a restaurant in a grounded Airbus A380s.

Those hungry for anything resembling air travel – and actual food, of course – will be able to book a seat + meal at this 2020 specific pop-up via the Discover Your Singapore Airlines program, overlooking the dream destination of… Changi Airport.

“Savour signature international Singapore Airlines dishes in this unique restaurant,” reads the official site description.

“Or enjoy the best dishes from our Peranakan menu, specially designed by acclaimed Singaporean chef Shermay Lee. Pair your meal with two complimentary alcoholic drinks and a free flow of other beverages.”

Similar to booking a regular flight, Singapore Airlines will offer different cabin classes and menus. And yes – takeaway options are on the cards. Home deliveries include welcome videos, wine/champagne from the SQ cellar, guides on how to heat and plate meals, as well as a curated playlist to “recreate the SIA onboard experience”.

Depending on the package of choice, you may also receive Wedgewood dining ware, Lalique amenity kits. While all diners will receive a limited edition goodie bag and KrisShop discounts for the future, those who rock up in traditional heritage wear will receive additional gifts. Intriguing…

The Singapore Airlines restaurant in a grounded Airbus A380 will be active between October 24th and October 25th. Tickets will be available to purchase online from October 12th – prices have not yet been confirmed.