The Hotel With Rooms Worth $7 Million Each

The Hotel With Rooms Worth $7 Million Each

If you think the Sydney housing market is pricey, this would be the ‘Jaws’ moment where you realise you’re going to need a bigger boat. Or bank account.

Located in Asian gambling capital/high-roller Mecca just West of Hong Kong in Macau, is the luxurious hotel known as The 13. This French aristocracy themed hotel boasts of 200 bespoke villa rooms complete with unique sculptures, baroque scrollwork, elaborate furniture, and more. Impressively, the rooms cost a grand total of $7 million plus to build each, pushing the hotel’s overall initial value to over $1.4 billion.

“This was a labour of love,” says Stephen Hung, lead of The 13’s design team and Co-Chairman of Louis XIII Holdings Limited. “The team and I put every ounce of creativity and passion we had into this project to ensure every detail was perfect. Our guests, I believe, will find the result truly remarkable and beyond anything they have previously experienced.”

The 13 also comes with a varied selection of world class dining options. From L’Ambroisie, the famed three Michelin star import from Paris, to the Cantonese institution of Chinoiserie, and Japan’s own Tokugawa, every aspect of the hotel stays true to the promise of providing the highest grade experience.

The Villa du Comte, the entry level accommodation, is a split level room with 2,000 square feet of floor space. But don’t let the “entry level” fool you. With a private elevator lobby to ensure maximum discretion, 24 hour butler service trained and certified by the English Guild of Butlers, a velvet canopied king-size bed with a gilded headboard, complimentary transport via custom Rolls-Royce Phantoms, there’s nothing basic about this.

And for those who feel this would not quite be enough, there is the Villa de Stephen, named after Hung himself. An option a few steps up from “entry level”, which incredibly, offers 30,000 square feet of floor space, and amenities inconceivably even more extravagant than the Villa du Comte.

Exact pricing details are still uncertain, but reports indicate that a night’s stay could be anywhere between $100,000 to $200,000. Standard.