Wellness Holidays Are In — This Luxe Indonesian Resort Offers The King Of Them All
— 10 July 2024

Wellness Holidays Are In — This Luxe Indonesian Resort Offers The King Of Them All

— 10 July 2024
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Our first instinct when it comes to holidaying generally involves indulgence: beers at breakfast… gorging yourself silly… throwing money at virtually every opportunity without any regard for that next AMEX statement. Especially in the case of Indonesia, which inadvertently beacons to the usual suspects with Bali. But Bawah Reserve is seeking to fight the Emerald of the Equator’s hedonistic narrative with its newly unveiled Journeys To Wellbeing packages.

At the end of the day, a vacay is ultimately about getting some much-needed restoration. And against the backdrop of the secluded six-island archipelago Anambas Island, restoration is precisely what you’ll find here; with specifically formulated retreat-style experiences that address the six pillars of wellbeing: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, plus environmental.

As Bawah Reserve itself explains, this is an opportunity for travellers to rest and “begin their journey to self-improvement.” From the inside out.

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So what does this actually entail?

Journeys To Wellbeing packages — which span five to 10 days — are bookended with conversations with “wellbeing consultants.” Prior to arrival, they review your needs and discuss what you hope to achieve; after you’ve returned home, these consultants conduct two “post-journey” calls to ensure you’re actually committing to the hyper-personalised plans they’ve outlined for the long road ahead.

Depending on what’s been determined, you’ll be prescribed one of the following:

  • Bawah Way of Water
    Inspired by the resort’s surrounding lagoons, this serves as a healing immersion and celebration of the energising power of water and offers a stunning sunset boat trip, private aqua yoga sessions in its infinity pool, scuba diving, and guided snorkel safari as add-ons.
  • Bawah Active
    This is an invigorating itinerary to strengthen the body and mind. Bawah Active’s emphasis on strength and revitalisation is carried out through a series of tailored movement classes, wild ocean swimming to Sanggah island, private jungle boot camp, kayak excursions, and hikes to take in the view of Bawah’s iconic jetty. At Aura Spa, guests can go into recovery mode with a range of treatments curated to replenish the body, and a Spa Explorer experience where travellers can visit a neighbouring island by boat to receive their treatments overlooking the crystal-clear waters. Guests will finish each night with a Bawah’s revitalising fragrance misted throughout their room for a complete recovery. 
  • Bawah Cleanse 
    Those in need of a reset will opt for Bawah Cleanse, a purifying journey of detoxification and revitalisation. Offering a tropical cleanse kit and a 10-day supplement and superfood kit, this journey focuses on transforming one’s body from the inside out. With a series of djamu health tonic workshops, detox facials and massage treatments, and personalised movement itineraries on both land and water, this cleansing journey allows guests to feel renewed and cleansed of all negative stressors of the body and mind.
  • Bawah Balance
    Bawah Balance leads guests on a path toward total equilibrium with a focus on the simple joys of life. Wellbeing consultants encourage guests on this path to complement their spa treatments and movement classes with food-focused workshops, using food as a fuelling force for recovery. Guests can take a permaculture and sustainability tour to learn about the ingredients grown fresh on Bawah before they use those same ingredients in a cooking class with a renowned Bawah chef, followed by a private dining experience.
  • Bawah Yoga & Meditation Retreat
    Guests seeking a journey to serenity can fully immerse in this journey, complete with private yoga, pranayama, and meditation classes, as well as a movement-based somatic therapy session, with spa treatments tailored to the activity of the day. Travellers on this path will find their true inner peace in mindful snorkelling safari, private forest bathing hikes, and batik painting classes.

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  • Bawah Elysium
    The signature wellbeing package serves as the all-encompassing retreat — integrating the very best of Bawah’s holistic practices and restorative activities to balance mind, body and spirit. The expert Bawah team will guide guests through integrative itineraries each day: inclusive of a movement class, fresh and locally sourced food, forest bathing hikes, spa treatments, and even stargazing after sundown. 

Each offers treatments from Bawah Reserve’s Aura Spa, physical activities from Aura Wellbeing, as well as bespoke menus created by a culinary team to meet guests’ needs and goals. From fresh-caught fish to locally sourced fruits, vegetables, and herbs, Bawah abides by a “good mood food” philosophy that emphasises “holistic nourishment.”

Bawah Reserve “journey rates” start from $2,010 per person in addition to accommodation starting from $1,980 per night (two people). For those of you travelling via Singapore, this includes a door-to-door escort. Find out more below.

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