The World’s First KFC Hotel Is Opening This Month

House of Harland KFC Hotel Suite UK

The dream is within reach, ladies and gentlemen. That dream, of course, being an actual KFC hotel suite – resplendent in Colonel-core decor, with all the free dirty bird you could possibly eat, and 24-hour concierge service.

Officially known as the House of Harland by KFC, this once-in-a-lifetime pop-up will be located in Shoreditch, London. The experience begins with guests being picked up in a black Cadillac dubbed the Colonelmobile, before being driven in comfort by a chauffeur. Once they’ve arrived at the hallowed destination, they are to be greeted by a dedicated Chick-In Clerk.

As previously mentioned, the suite itself comes with thematically consistent amenities. Everything from the bedding, towels, complimentary botanical infused self-care essentials, Hot Winger Arcade Machine, as well as the bloody wallpaper promises to deliver a finger-lickin’ feel. But the most notable highlights are, without a doubt, the presence of a ‘Press For Chicken’ button, which does exactly what it sounds like (unlimited and all-inclusive with the stay’s cost); and a KFC-themed cinema which will screen – apologies in advance for the egregious pun – chick flicks.

House of Harland KFC Hotel Suite UK

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The only real drawback? Apart from every other hotel in the world clearly having failed to receive the memo, the House of Harland by KFC hotel suite will only be available for just nights – a direct nod to the exact number of secret herbs + spices – starting from August 18th until August 29th. The price? £111 / $208.58 per night for a single room (up to two guests). Or roughly 17 and a half Zinger Boxes.

100% of the proceeds will be directed to The KFC Foundation, which supports grassroots organisations across the UK which are empowering young people to “unleash their potential” and “build a positive future.”

If you happen to be in the area, we suggest locking in a cheeky overnight stay as soon as bookings open (August 11th @11 AM). I mean… it’d be pretty rude not to.

House of Harland KFC Hotel Suite UK