Hit The Parramatta River In Sydney’s BYO Picnic Boats This Summer

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Perhaps more than any other Australians, Sydney locals love a day out on the water. With options within the harbour or even beyond the breaking waves of the beautiful beaches, it doesn’t get much better than an afternoon on your mate’s dingy at the peak of summer. This year, Sydney is joining the likes of Melbourne and Brisbane with a new fleet of GoBoat vessels, adding the Paramatta River to the list of ways you can enjoy a little water-based day-drinking.

If you’ve not already enjoyed the picture of GoBoating in Melbourne, painted eloquently by the imitable Garry Lu at the beginning of last year, make sure you do right here. The pitch is much the same in Sydney. GoBoat is set to launch a fresh fleet of Scandinavian-designed 18-footers this summer, which will allow you to enjoy all of the best bits of boating, without the downsides. 

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The stylishly designed vessels have the capacity for seven guests and a captain, arriving complete with a sizeable table and bench seats to enjoy a bottle of sparkling or two, of course without forgetting the obligatory charcuterie board. If that wasn’t already compelling enough, GoBoat also allows pets on board, meaning you’ll not only enjoy the company of some mates in the sun, but also the wagging tail of your best friend.

Thanks to the whisper-quiet electric engines of the GoBoats – which are both environmentally friendly and easy to operate – you’ll make your way up the Paramatta River at a modest enough clip. The boats are speed limited, meaning you’re pretty unlikely to lose control, and also don’t require a boating license to drive. 

From today, you’ll be able to hire a GoBoat in Sydney, set to sail from their dock at Cabarita Point. With options to hire a boat for up to five hours, and an affordable hourly rate of just $129 per hour (or with seven mates, roughly $16 each per hour), you’d better book your trip fast to make sure you don’t miss out this summer.

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