This “Loophole” Lets You Race At Sydney’s Greatest Go-Karting Track For Free

This “Loophole” Lets You Race At Sydney’s Greatest Go-Karting Track For Free

Boss Hunting
Boss Hunting


On the rare occasion, you come across a life hack that’s so unbelievably brilliant, it almost feels illegal. Such is the case of the Hyper Karting “loophole” which, for some reason, the company is welcoming you to exploit.

Yes, that headline wasn’t clickbait. It’s exactly as advertised. Free races at the same iconic Sydney establishment famed for entertaining yours truly as well as modern icon Hasbulla Magomedov during his recent tour Down Under.

Located in Moore Park on the top floor of the Entertainment Quarter’s parking complex, at Hyper Karting, heroes are made as racers become champions on its flagship 410-metre indoor track with an entire fleet of RiMO Electric karts. 

These ready-to-ride rigs are the products of German precision engineering, featuring Formula 1-style steering wheels, a rechargeable “Boost” button (read: DRS substitute), and an LCD display panel keeping you up to date on your performance.

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So how do you get in on the action? Simply…

  1. Sign up for Hyper Karting’s 7-day free membership trial that offers a generous $19 per race discount.
  2. Only book the races listed at a total price of $19.
  3. Enjoy an entire week’s worth of adrenaline.
  4. Cancel your Hyper Karting membership before that first charge hits the old Amex.

Other perks of your standard Hyper Karting membership include:

  • Free Mini Track Races
  • 50% Off Drink Purchases
  • Free Arcade Games
  • Hyper Karting Hat

How. Bloody. Good. 

Don’t wait around looking this gift horse in the mouth. Hit the link below today and claim the electric thrills you’re entitled to tomorrow. 

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