— Updated on 6 June 2024

We Took Hasbulla Go-Karting In Sydney Last Night

— Updated on 6 June 2024
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

August 29th, 2022. 8:35 PM. I’m perched on the top step of a mock race podium within Moore Park’s Hyper Karting, phone anxiously gripped in one hand, awaiting the promised arrival message, paper bag full of cat toys in the other. As an entire media crew armed with heavy-duty film cameras and DSLRs scramble into position, I feel an enthusiastic hand clasp my shoulder before the following words hit me like a ton of bricks: “Our scouts just clocked his McLaren 720S, he’s 40 seconds out… ready to take Hasbulla go-karting?”

How the fuck did I get here?

By now, there’s a good chance you’ve glimpsed the viral footage of Dagestani internet sensation – Hasbulla Magomedov – having the time of his life go-karting right here in Sydney. Something Team BH will happily take some of the credit for making happen. But this was by no means due to happenstance nor was it exactly the straightforward endeavour that many assumed it would be. The journey to get the modern icon piloting an electric race rig actually began months ago.

July 29th, 2022. 12:40 PM. After South Melbourne-based operation – The Hour Group – confirmed Hasbulla would soon be boarding a flight bound for Australia, we (re)published an article that went gangbusters. Again. To absolutely nobody’s surprise, mind you. So, like the enterprising hustlers we are with zero qualms about sliding into the DMs, an offer was extended, completely free of any/all logistical considerations…

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Hasbulla go-karting sydney

A few hours passed.

I’d already resigned to my fate of being seen-zoned.

I kicked myself for double-messaging with an additional GIF (why the hell did I have to send the bloody GIF?!).

That’s when something miraculous happened…

A breakfast meeting was set. By the time every last slice of toast had been buttered, a partnership was established, and we’d effectively secured some face-to-face time with Mini Khabib himself. Track fun and a sit-down interview. Outrageous scenes. This was, however, just the first hurdle.

Given Hasbulla’s physical limitations – height: 1.14 metres | weight: 18 kilograms – and the breakneck speeds each Hyper Karting race rig is capable of, there was a certain measure of risk. For reference, a minimum height of 1.4 metres is ordinarily required to drift on the Main Track. Hence why in the lead-up to his hotly anticipated arrival, an extensive two-day customisation process accomplished in HK’s on-site mechanic workshop was necessary.

“I was cheering when I heard he was coming to Hyper Karting,” said Nasser Rana, the very individual responsible for making the kart Hasbulla-friendly.

“So I got to work modifying a chassis for him with custom-built pedal actuation, steering column overhaul, and a bespoke seat setup… he had the full experience.”

Hyper Karting Founder Andrew Richardson added: “I knew we needed to make our venue fit for the king.”

“We’ve been hard at work creating the world’s best go-karting experience but knew we’d need to push the boundaries even further.”

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Hasbulla go-karting sydney

From around the corner where the track facilities connect with the Entertainment Quarter’s regular parking complex, an unmistakable silhouette loomed large. As Hasbulla Maogmedov entered, ensconced by an entourage with a realistic headcount of 30 – although within the context of the occasion, felt like a moving circus of 300 – I motion forward to introduce myself, taking note of the fact I’d never encountered a Rolex Datejust w/ Roman dial in that size before.

As-salamu alaykum, brother,” I say before shaking his hand and presenting the gift pack for his beloved cat.

“For Barsik… Barsik… Barsik.”

He nods and palms it off to one of his handlers, which was probably the last anyone ever saw said gift pack. Ouch.

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I lead him to an ornamental go-kart custom wrapped with a Hasbulla NFT print and “King Hasbulla #1.” He’s amused, although not amused enough for an on-camera conversation.

But after all the meet-and-greet events, every single goddamn camera in Sydney being shoved in your face, and the legions of eager fans chasing you for the novelty — who could blame him? The most patient of monks would have been exhausted. And this was never going to be my Frost/Nixon moment. Besides, at the risk of playing into stereotypes, his entourage didn’t exactly seem like the negotiating type.

The moment we had both strapped in and decided to hit full send, all those silly notions about organising the chaos of life seemed to dissipate, and any question I’d engineered for the most headline-worthy answers was already a distant memory. This, I decided, was well and truly livin’.

Enough chit-chat. Check out the moment we took Hasbulla Magomedov go-karting at Moore Park’s Hyper Karting above.

Keen on go-karting like Hasbulla the next time you’re in Sydney? Book a session at Hyper Karting below (address: Level 5 Car Park, 207 Park Rd S, Moore Park NSW 2021).

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