The Best Go-Karting In Melbourne 2024
Auscarts Racing
— Updated on 26 February 2024

The Best Go-Karting In Melbourne 2024

— Updated on 26 February 2024
Nick Kenyon
Nick Kenyon

Here at Boss Hunting, we absolutely love go-karting. It’s the closest most of us will ever get to a real race car, so understanding the best indoor and outdoor Melbourne go-karting tracks — from Port Melbourne to Philip Island — is an absolute must for anyone arranging a bucks, birthday party, or simply in need of a high-octane afternoon.

Let’s get into it.

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The Best Go-Karting Tracks In Melbourne

Auscarts Racing, Port Melbourne

Address: 50 Salmon St, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207
Contact: (03) 9646 6015
Opening Hours: Monday — Sunday (10 AM — 10 PM)
Prices From: $62 for 20 mins/30 laps
Track Length & Corners: 450m and 12 corners

I’ve enjoyed go-karting at Auscarts Racing in Port Melbourne a few times over the years, and it’s a venue that always delivers, both from the perspective of the track and the cars; but also in how conveniently close it is to Melbourne’s CBD.

It’s one of the best indoor go-karting tracks with plenty of tight corners, but the Port Melbourne venue also has a long straight that gives plenty of opportunity for high-speed overtakes and the chance to dive into turn one to gain a position or two.

In terms of what you’ll be getting behind the wheel of, the Skodikart GT-5 Karts have a top speed of 55km/h thanks to their 6.5ph engine, as well as a three-point harness to keep you safe and secure. And when you consider Melbourne go-karting pricing, Auscarts Racing is quite reasonable.

Once you’re done racing at this Port Melbourne go-karting venue — or even while you’re waiting for the previous race to finish up — there are plenty of indoor arcade games to get stuck into. Specifically for after the race (BAC must be zero): there’s also a bar serving drinks and snacks to refuel yourself.

Best Go-Karting Melbourne

Phillip Island Go-Karts, Phillip Island

Address: 381 Back Beach Rd, Ventnor, VIC 3922
Contact: (03) 5952 2710
Opening Hours: Monday — Sunday (9 AM — 5 PM)
Prices From: $40 for 10 mins
Track Length & Corners: 750m and 12 corners

Racing at Phillip Island Go-Karts was one of the most fun days on a go-karting track I’ve ever had. The coolest thing about this venue? The track is a miniaturised version of the world-famous Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit next door, complete with elevation changes that make it my favourite outdoor go-karting track around Melbourne.

These highs and lows mean lap times might be unduly affected among the bigger members of your group (myself included unfortunately), but the Sodi RT8 Evo2 go-karts you’ll be driving are plenty quick with their 270cc Honda engines.

If you’re a motorsports fan and you’ve watched races at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit on TV, this is a really special track with some of the best ocean views you’ll ever enjoy from the seat of a go-kart.

Best Go-Karting Melbourne

Le Mans, Dandenong South

Address: 55 Waterview Cl, Dandenong South, VIC 3175
Contact: (03) 8787 8741
Opening Hours: Wednesday — Thursday (3 PM — 10 PM); Saturday — Sunday (10 AM — 11 PM)
Prices From: $69 for 15 laps
Track Length & Corners: Lakeside (630m and 12 corners); Pentrite (620m and 14 corners)

If you’re up to take your go-karting a little more seriously than the occasional sprint race, the folks at Le Mans are the sort you ought to make fast friends with. Not only does the venue have two different tracks that you can race with your mates, but it also boasts the fastest go-karts in Melbourne — capable of hitting top speeds of 80km/h.

If you’re able to crack the Penerite Track lap time of 36.5 seconds, while driving the 270cc engine Superkarts, you’ll get the opportunity to race in even faster 390cc Gold Karts. The Le Mans Entertainment site also offers laser tag and virtual reality gaming, meaning if you’re after an end-to-end entertainment experience, there probably isn’t a spot with a more exciting range of activities to get involved in.

Best Go-Karting Melbourne
Best Go-Karting Melbourne

Karting Madness, Bayswater

Address: 9a/841 Mountain Hwy, Bayswater, VIC 3153 (Karting Madness also has another venue in Braybrook)
Contact: (03) 9720 8284
Opening Hours: Monday — Saturday (9 AM — 10 PM); Sunday (9 AM — 8 PM)
Prices From: $49 + $10 KM Membership
Track Length & Corners: 600m and 15 corners

Karting Madness is another great venue to get involved with, no matter whether you’re keen to race once a year or once a week (every driver at Karting Madness must purchase a $10 KM Membership to race). While Karting Madness also has a track in Braybrook, the Bayswater track is the largest indoor go-karting venue in Australia and has three different types of kart: plenty of options no matter your skill level.

The karts in question are Honda engine-powered Sodi models, serving up 270 cc (9hp) with a possible top speed of 80km/h. The venue isn’t super close to the heart of Melbourne — assuming you’re tight on time — but if you’ve got the full day to enjoy some indoor go-kart racing, Karting Madness is a brilliant option.

Karting Madness, Braybrook

Address: 234 Ballarat Rd, Braybrook, VIC 3019 (Karting Madness also has another venue in Bayswater)
Contact: (03) 9317 8222
Opening Hours: Monday — Saturday (10 AM — 10 PM); Sunday (10 AM — 8 PM)
Prices From: $49 + $10 KM Membership
Track Length & Corners: 400m and 13 corners

As promised, just as the eastern suburbs of Melbourne get to enjoy Karting Madness Bayswater, the Braybrook track is there to deliver the city’s westerly inhabitants their share of indoor go-karting thrills and spills. For those who enjoy driving across the city as much as they do a race track, another of the benefits of Karting Madness offering two venues is the $10 KM Membership that can be used across both tracks (if you’re hunting cheap go-karting in Melbourne, this is it).

The indoor Braybrook track is a little shorter than its Bayswater sibling, but features a very similar layout. If you’re familiar with the turns already there shouldn’t be a problem. In addition, the Braybrook venue also offers a range of other solid ways to spend your time, including bowling, laser tag, and plenty of arcade games.

Ace Karts, Albion

Address: 20 Carrington Dr, Albion, VIC 3020
Contact: 1300 926 015
Opening Hours: Monday — Wednesday (9 AM — 9 PM); Thursday — Saturday (9 AM — 11 PM); Sunday (9 AM — 10 PM)
Prices From: $49 for 15 laps
Track Length & Corners: 700m and 7 corners

Located in the northwestern suburb of Albion, Act Karts is renowned for its long track filled with high-speed sweeping turns and powerful karts. Upon arrival at Act Karts, you can expect to get behind the wheel of the Sodi RT10 Super Kart capable of 75km/h, which when combined with night-time or wet racing, makes for an unforgettable experience on the track.

The venue is staffed by extremely passionate motorsports enthusiasts — many of whom race go-karts professionally — so you’re in safe and enthusiastic hands here. If you live out west, this is likely your best bet for a day of great Melbourne go-karting in the company of mates.

Melbourne International EV Karting Complex, Port Melbourne

Address: 100 Todd Rd, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207
Contact: (03) 9646 7805
Prices From: $240 annual membership fee + $310 for an annual competition license or $100 for an annual social license
Track Length & Corners: 1005m and 13 corners

Now, if you’ve visited a few of the other venues on this list and you’ve fallen in love with the sport of karting, the Melbourne International EV Karting Complex is where you’ll want to get a membership and race in competition.

Operated by the Go Kart Club of Victoria, you’ve probably spotted this track out of your left windows while driving towards the CBD over the West Gate Bridge. It isn’t quite as casual as other venues, but is the best place to get involved if you’re keen to take your karting obsession to the next level.

The downside? The financial barrier to entry is higher, as you’ll also need to purchase a race kart to compete, but once you’ve got motorsport fever, the pain of those start-up costs will be a distant memory — drowned by the excitement of regular hi-octane racing.

How Boss Hunting Chose The Best Go-Karting Venues In Melbourne

Having grown up in Melbourne, I’ve raced at the majority of these tracks and can personally speak to their safety, professionalism, and the fun that’s to be had when racing against mates and strangers alike.

For more on how we put together lists like this please read our editorial policy.

If you’ve checked out a couple of these Melbourne go-karting venues, or you’re looking for another way to spend an afternoon, check out these other options below:

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