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Tired of typing in “things to do near me” on Google only to find a flood of overwhelming information that hasn’t been curated for you? Boss Hunting has your back, with round-ups of things to do so you can have the best experience in each city on your travels.

Want to be across the ultimate things to do in Brisbane bucket list? Always wondered what the world’s top 10 bucket list experiences are? Looking for ideas while planning the best buck’s party possible? We’ve got you covered with news, features, and more.

INVITE-ONLY: An Exclusive VIP Night At Harrolds Complete With Food, Drink, & Style

Exclusive VIP’s only.

The Shiki-Shima: Japan’s Sleeper Train Raises The Stakes For Railway Travel

Japan’s railways are internationally renowned for its efficiency. As lofty as those levels seem, the bar has just been raised even higher.

This Mesmerising Infographic Will Show You How Deep The Ocean Really Is

When looking out an airplane window at 36,000 ft, your height from the ground inverted still wouldn’t reach the lowest point of the ocean.

Travel Like A Spy

Travel Tips The CIA Gives To Their Spies

Some practical, some a little tongue-in-cheek, if you’re going to jet-set like a pro you better take pointers from them.

The Perfect Cabin Bag For Every Trip

Be it a last minute grab-n-go type of deal or an extended week-long business trip, look no further than this BH approved gear list.

Uber Is Giving Free Rides For Sams Next Week

To help celebrate the completely random statistic that Sam is the most common name across their Australian userbase, Uber is…

Breathtaking Footage Shows Hundreds Of Sharks Feeding Next To Surfers

The incredible footage was captured over the course of three days, as over 200 Bronze Whaler sharks fed close to shore next to surfers.

We Talk Australia’s Best BYO Festivals With The Kite String Tangle

Say no to the $10 warm mid-strength festival beer and hit up these unreal BYO festivals with some wise advice from The Kite String Tangle.

We Chat To Red Bull’s Courtney Atkinson Following His Incredible 7 Peaks in 7 Days

Former Olympic triathlete and all-round endurance animal Courtney Atkinson has conquered seven of Australia’s tallest peaks in just seven days.

The Winning Entries Of Red Bull’s Adventure Photography Competition

Red Bull Illume Image Quest is the world’s most impressive adventure photography contest with almost 35,000 entries.

Ministry of Sound Club Sydney Debuts in Spectacular Fashion

Out from the ashes of Pacha Sydney comes the phoenix that is the latest addition to the city’s campaign against…

Anthony Glick’s Photography Shows Sydney Beaches In A Whole New Light

If you live in Sydney, Australia or even anywhere else in the world for that matter, chances are you’ve seen…