Uber Australia Launches A Pet-Friendly Option For Rides

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Getting your furry friends from one location to another can be an absolute logistical nightmare – unless you’re using your own vehicle. So where does that leave those without access to said vehicle? Starting now, this dilemma may very well be resolved as Uber Australia launches pet-friendly rides.

From March the 10th in both Sydney and Brisbane, Uber will be trialling Uber Pet – an option in your app available to select, as you would with Pool, UberX, and Comfort. Simply hit the prompt, and await being matched with a driver who doesn’t have any objections regarding a good boi or, indeed, good gurl tagging along. 

Uber Australia Launches A Pet-Friendly Option For Rides

Uber Pet will obviously incur an additional charge, reportedly in the space of $6-$7 (though rates will vary by market). Those travelling with a service animal, however, may continue to opt for the regular Uber rides. 

As an added bonus on the Uber Eats side, there’s another win to be found by pet owners. The partnership with Coles means now, you can also order treats and tins of dinner without leaving the comfort of your home.  

Once more for the people in the back, this is all kicking off on March the 10th (tomorrow). 

Find out more over at uber.com.

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