Aussie City With The Worst Uber Rider Ratings Revealed
— 17 February 2022

Aussie City With The Worst Uber Rider Ratings Revealed

— 17 February 2022
Nick Kenyon
Nick Kenyon

At some point in your mindless scrolling of the YouTube feed, you’ve probably come across a video or two of some appalling behaviour towards Uber drivers, showcasing just how tough the job can be sometimes. If you’ve ever wondered if those people exist in Australia, they do, and Uber has lifted the lid by sharing the cities with the best and worst Uber rider ratings. If you’re from Western Australia, look away now.

The data has been released as a part of Uber’s efforts to better educate riders on what their rider score is, as well as how it’s calculated. Up until now, only the scores of drivers have had real-world consequences, where if a score dips below a certain threshold, the driver would be banned from Uber.

Now for the first time, your rider rating matters too. From September 19th this year, new rules will come into effect that, “will see riders who fall below a minimum average rating lose access to the Uber app.” Don’t worry about getting banned from Uber out of the blue – you’ll receive several warnings before the ride-services giant cuts you lose.

Uber Rider Ratings

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As well as being able to see your own rider score more easily, Uber will also show you the number of different ratings you’ve received, so you’ll know exactly how many times you’ve been a 5-star passenger, as well as the unenviable 1-star. This new transparency feature will be available from today.

It’s a step that makes a lot of sense when you think about it, as it seeks to even the playing field between drivers and riders, laying more equal responsibility on both to be polite and make the journey as enjoyable as possible. So if you’re used to polishing off a six-pack in the Uber on the way to a party, getting aggressive to drivers if they don’t follow the exact route you expect, or are routinely late to meet your driver, consider those days numbered.

Uber has broken down the average user ratings both by city and state, offering a little insight into the locations that might need to clean up their act. So if you’re a Newcastle local, you’ve got bragging rights as being a well-behaved bunch, while those out west will find they’re not actually best.

Uber Rider Rating:

By City

  1. Newcastle – 4.90
  2. Cairns – 4.89
  3. Wollongong – 4.89
  4. Gold Coast – 4.88
  5. Sunshine Coast – 4.87
  6. Darwin – 4.86
  7. Hobart – 4.85
  8. Launceston – 4.84
  9. Sydney – 4.84
  10. Geeling – 4.84
  11. Adelaide – 4.83
  12. Brisbane – 4.82
  13. Canberra – 4.82
  14. Melbourne – 4.80
  15. Perth – 4.79

By State

  1. Northern Territory – 4.86
  2. New South Wales – 4.84
  3. Queensland – 4.84
  4. Tasmania – 4.84
  5. South Australia – 4.83
  6. Australian Capital Territory – 4.82
  7. Victoria – 4.80
  8. Western Australia – 4.79

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