Gianluca Vacchi Might Just Be The Coolest Man On Instagram

To take a Pokemon analogy (this might be drawing a long bow), if Dan Bilzerian and his hoardes of big breasted models is the Charmander of the Instagram world, then Gianluca Vacchi is the much improved second evolution Charizard who is seriously killing his Instagram game right now.

The 49-year-old silver fox Italian entrepreneur and fashionista lives the kind of lifestyle that chumps like Bilzerian and co can only dream of. He dances his way around the world on yachts, private jets, and motorbikes with his stunning 30-year-old wife Giorgia Gabriele and seriously looks like he is having the time of his life.

Enjoy a snippet of the #GVlifestyle and get following to see his latest adventures.


Drive everything with your mind.. #gvlifestyle

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Sigla summer 2016 @jogiorgiajo #gvlifestyle #lioibiza

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Reversing roles #gvlifestyle #harleydavidson #vespa

A photo posted by Gianluca Vacchi (@gianlucavacchi) on

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