Sony Now Wants You To Pay More For The PS5 (If You Can Actually Find One)
— 29 August 2022

Sony Now Wants You To Pay More For The PS5 (If You Can Actually Find One)

— 29 August 2022
Chris Singh
Chris Singh

Even though supply hasn’t even come close to matching demand yet, Sony has confirmed that the PS5 you’ve been waiting two years to get your hands on is now getting a price hike. Announced last week, Sony confirmed via its official blog that the company plans to raise the price of its PS5 consoles in several regions, effective immediately. This includes Australia, as well as Europe, Japan, China, Mexico and Canada, all markets that will see the PS5 price increase.

Granted, it’s not a make-or-break price hike, but a hike nonetheless. All the aforementioned markets – US is strangely excluded, with no explanation why – will see the new PS5 price increase by roughly $50 per unit. Seeing as a regular PS5 console in Australia right now would cost $749, you can now expect to fork out around $800. That’s the disc version by the way; the digital-only PS5 right now costs $600 so you can expect to pay $650.

All in all, a price increase was perhaps expected eventually. Sony confirmed recently that the PS5 is actually being sold at a loss despite global supply shortages. Whether or not a $50 increase will help the company rake in some profit remains to be seen, but regardless it’s disappointing to see this all being passed onto the consumer in the face of a cost of living crisis.

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In a statement explaining the new PS5 prices, Sony has pointed to high inflation and “adverse currency trends” as well as ongoing issues with the global supply chain which has already made the PS5 a rare find. In fact, ever since the PS5 was released in November 2020 supply has been so dismal that a quick Google search will bring up multiple tips and tricks on how to score a PS5.

Both Microsoft and Nintendo have already slighted Sony’s announcement by promising neither the Xbox Series X | S nor the Nintendo Switch will see any price hikes in the near future. This could always change, of course, but it’s clear public sentiment against Sony right now isn’t so hot.

Aside from writing “there will be no price increase in the US,” Sony hasn’t given any indication as to why Americans are exempt from the price hike.

Sony has already released a list of all the new PS5 prices in the various regions mentioned above. They are:

  • Australia: AU $799.95 (Regular); AU $649.95 (Digital)
  • Europe: €549.99 (Regular); € 449.99 (Digital)
  • UK: £479.99 (Regular); £389.99 (Digital)
  • Japan: ¥60,478 yen (Regular) ; ¥49,478 yen (Digital)
  • China: ¥4,299 yuan (Regular); ¥3,499 yuan (Digital)
  • Mexico: MXN $14,999 (Regular); MXN $12,499 (Digital)
  • Canada: CAD $649.99 (Regular); CAD $519.99 (Digital)

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