Sony’s PlayStation Portal, Spiritual Successor To The PSP, Will Be Surprisingly Affordable
— 24 August 2023

Sony’s PlayStation Portal, Spiritual Successor To The PSP, Will Be Surprisingly Affordable

— 24 August 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

UPDATE [24/08/2023]: This week, Sony revealed that the Project Q handheld device that the company has been teasing all year will officially be named the PlayStation Portal.

The new gaming device will feature an 8″ LCD screen with up to 1080P resolution at 60 frames per second and a 3.5 mm audio plug-in, arriving sometime in 2023 at a price point of US$199.99 (AU$310). Reasonable? Yes. But there’s a catch.

As referenced below, you’ll need a PS5 to stream games to this Switch-esque handheld. Meaning those without one also need to factor in the cost of the console.

PlayStation Portable Details

With the announcement of Project Q, PlayStation is officially back in the business of handheld gaming. But we’d be remiss to ignore the multiple asterisks which require some explanation.

For starters (and this one’s a biggie), you’ll need to own a PlayStation 5. Because unlike the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita, Project Q accesses games from the PS5 via Remote Play – a function many of you may already be familiar with and was actually launched with the PlayStation 3 + PSP + Vita years ago before it gained mainstream proliferation.

Hence why everyone (present company included) has avoided describing this as a “portable game console” and “handheld console.” It’s more of a handheld gaming accessory.

This isn’t a cloud streaming device, either, given games are run locally from the PS5. This means Project Q also requires a strong cellular connection and likely won’t be much fun on the go unless you can nail down some top-notch Wi-Fi. While Sony notes 5 Mbps is the bare minimum, a “better play experience” will demand 15 Mbps plus.

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Finally, we arrive to the matter of battery life. Leaked info publicised by known insider Tom Henderson outlines it’s a dismal 3-4 hours. Which is really the nail in the coffin.

So what are the pros?

Aside from the 8-inch LCD screen which promises to deliver 1080p resolution, unlike similar third-party tech you may have encountered for smartphones and whatnot, the Project Q offers all the features of the DualSense controller, i.e. adaptive triggers, fine haptic feedback, etc.

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And while its portability pales in comparison to the likes of the Nintendo Switch, it’s perfectly positioned to provide a nice middle ground for those who want to roam the house/Airbnb. No longer will you need to be glued to a television.

Pricing and a release date for PlayStation’s Project Q have yet to be announced, although rumours indicate the latter could be slated for sometime in mid-to-late November 2023. Full technical specifications will also be revealed between now and then.

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